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Bon Ton lesson: the diet

 Masters of ceremonies Alberto Presutti – With the return subaction showcomments propecia smile older of good weather, at the gates of June, overlooking the minds of many the thought of his own “line” no longer in line with the expectations to do well in a bathing suit, and then l ‘ idea of dieting is achieved, often in the “do it yourself”.

Certainly will not be easy dispose exaggerations food, elaborate dishes and rich in fats, sweets “heavy” that made us feel good in the previous months and now become reason of remorse.

On the other hand, diets, are part of our culture, seem almost a “duty”, unfortunately, in most cases, complied without consulting a dietician, thus also to severe risk our health.

About diet, Bon Ton, strongly recommend to not impose their guests, or a kitchen with extremely light and sparing of portions, or even worse, illustrating and discussing at the table.

So, if the choice is go on a diet, not for this., But you have to give up their social life on the other hand would be in bad taste involve all those who do not need it, and luckily for them, they can eat what they most desire.

As suggested by the principles of Bon Ton, do not pretend never to impose beliefs food companions in life, children and family! And do not you start to criticize other people’s eating habits that you do not marry with the diet that you make, this is’ a very rude and yet frequently, to relate.

Never, then, remember the Bon Ton, forcing your friends where you are a guest at dinner to cook special dishes, perhaps in preparation for weighing or difficult choice of ingredients!

If invited to dinner, you do not want to reveal to be on a diet, it is best to come up with an excuse that justifies “the occasional” little hungry, being very careful, however, not to “eat with their eyes” dishes of the other diners, would be unforgivable!

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