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Visiting cribs. Selected for you

by redaction – Traditional, mechanical, innocative, but still special. Here is just a small selection of Reverse Phone Lookup cribs in every corner of Tuscany that is worth discovering.

Province Florence

For the second year, in front of the cathedral of Florence is a beautiful and amazing crib made with terracotta statues, life-size, depicting the Holy Family.
The crib is located on the opposite side of the Giotto’s bell tower, near the big Christmas tree in the city of Florence, where he remained until the Epiphany, when, on the occasion of the “Procession of the Magi”, the terracotta figures of the Holy Family will be replaced by people and animals living.
The statues are unique pieces made by hand, in the round, the workman Luigi Mariani of the historic furnace Imprunetana of Angiolo and children, Mital, who wanted to give her the Opera di Santa Maria del Fiore. This type of sculptures fit in the old Florentine tradition of pottery that, in art, was born in Florence in the early fifteenth century with the restoration of this ancient technique by Donatello and Brunelleschi.

San Giovanni Valdarno
The Basilica SS Maria delle Grazie in San Giovanni Valdarno, there is “Christmas in the World”: a permanent exhibition of nativity scenes.
This year the show is now in its 9th edition and is dedicated to “4th Biennial Art Nativity” with a tribute to Benozzo Gozzoli and his “Journey of the Magi” with the presence of many artists. Up to 6 January 2013

Palazzuolo sul Senio
An exhibition not to be missed in between stands and the other can be seen, until ‘Epifana, the cribs of the exhibition “1000 cribs for Palazzuolo.” A special map takes tourists in the most beautiful and characteristic of the country, adorned with cribs.

Province of Arezzo

Do not miss the Living Nativity in Pietraia, 9 km from Cortona.
An event appreciated and followed by more and more people that is served outdoors in the woods behind the church of San Leopoldo and is open only on holidays during the holiday season, from December 24 to January 6.
In the past he has also taken on the participation of extras Muslim and a Jew, giving him a multi-ethnic component and spreading a Christian spirit of Christmas that goes beyond religious and cultural barriers.

Province of Grosseto

It will make a fine show for the holiday season (from Christmas to Epiphany) that the Monumental Crib, for over sixty years is held in the Church of St. Anthony in the center of Caldana fraction of Gavorrano.
The crib each year has a specific theme, established by the pastor that causes a change in the scenery. Are twenty-five wooden statues large (reaching ninety inches tall), made of a fine by master wood carvers of Ortisei, Dolomites, in 1939.

Province of Lucca

Antro del Corchia
Also this year, for the duration of the holiday season in the famous karst cave Alta Versilia is “… and come in a cave …! An appointment with the magic and tradition of the Nativity reintroduced in a unique setting.
The special feature of this edition is the 1st Competition “Nativity Grotto” dedicated to the schools, which will exhibit their works throughout the dell’Antro tourist trail, which winds for about two kilometers of karst tunnels and ducts.
Visited in December on 22, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31 (11.00 and 15.00) on 23 hours (10:00, 12:00, 14:00 and 16:00) in 24th (11.00 and 13.00) . In January, on days 2, 3, 4, 5 (11.00 and 15.00), and in six days (times are 10.00, 12.00, 14.00 and 16.00).
Please note that places are limited and it is therefore advisable to book by telephone on 0584-778405 open daily from 9.30 to 13.00. More on

Back to the magic of the Nativity Animated Versilia, in Querceta.
This year, the event will see two versions even at night.
On 6 January arrival of the Magi on horseback (15,45), starring as listed with disabilities that are part of and yet Jan. 5 (from 21 to 24), for the first time, the crib night.

Until 13 January 2013, the old village of Pescaglia lights the lights of the crib with the typical and unique exhibition of nativity scenes, within marginette, built between the XVI and XVII centuries, along the way, that from the parish church to the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Solca.

Villa Collemandina
In places Sassorosso do not miss the nativity scenes in the streets of borgofino Epiphany.
Small nativity set up between the narrow streets of the village by the inhabitants

Coreglia Antelminelli
Until January 6 “Coreglia land Cribs”.
Many cribs set up in the streets and squares with special opening of the Museum of Plaster Figurine and Emigration

Equi Terme
Now in its twenty-fifth year, the nativity scene of Equi Terme takes place against the backdrop of the wake of Equi, near the entrance of the caves and in the streets of the village. From the narrow streets of the town, in the funds converted into workshops path grows toward the furrow and the stream Let them create the sound of a very suggestive atmosphere that leads to the Grotto of the Nativity, at the entrance of the caves. The journey takes 30-40 minutes.
During your visit you can enjoy the ancient taverns chestnuts, mulled wine and typical products Lunigiana. Admission: € 5. Children 0/7 years: free
Info: 320 8479058, 320 4550461
Hours: 22 December: 20:30 to 23:30, 23 December: 18:00 to 21:00, 25 December: 18:00 to 21:00, 26 December: 18:00 to 21:00

Along the road to Fivizzano, still in the town of Batesville, is Pallerone, a historic town in Lunigiana and his crib, one of the most well-known not only in Tuscany.
In the kitchen of the old palace marquis, accessible from the porch of the church of St. Thomas Beckett is the mechanical nativity scene made for the first time during the Christmas of 1935 with recycled materials such as bicycle wheels, ropes and an engine made by a fan.
The crib grew over the decades thanks to the passion of palleronesi, who rebuilt it and ammodernarono. Since the fifties were added new bustling scenes, but the crib as we see it today began to take shape in 1968, thanks to the efforts of Geom. Silvio Baldassini and the entire population. In 1999, the last reconstruction was undertaken that allows us to experience a unique, in that seven minutes shows the passage of the day at night.
In the waiting room then set up a small but interesting museum of artifacts of the first Nativity scenes from 1935 onwards, together with the ancient engine of 1937, the photo story of the nativity and the engine of the first clock tower dating from the end of ‘ nineteenth century.
Info: 333 1629101. Open: All year: 8:00 to 12:00, 13:30 to 18:30. Login to offer.

Villafranca in Lunigiana
Until January 6, 2013, between the river and the river Magra Bagnone, next to the Museum of Ethnography not to be missed. The figures of the Nativity built by hand are placed in scenarios that describe the life of the past and are located along rivers ii between the two bridges. If you enjoy a breathtaking view by walking into the village.

Province of Pisa

San Miniato
Until January 13 at the premises of the Parish of St. John the Baptist Cigoli is the now famous “Christmas crib Cigoli” now in its twelfth edition and you enter into …
And ‘one of the greatest artistic nativity scenes of Tuscany that has seen the 2011 over twenty thousand visitors from abroad.
Visitors to the crib will make its entry into the crib following a path starting from the outside addentrerà the typical landscape passing by Palestinian luxuriance of Nazareth, the majesty and grandeur of Jerusalem, and finally by the simplicity and harmony of Bethlehem, with its cozy cave.
Enhanced and attention to detail are the characters intent in the various activities and thanks to sophisticated technology will not miss a play of light, music and water games.
The crib is open until Sunday after the Epiphany with time from 9.00 to 13.00. 14:30 – 20.00 every day including holidays.

An appointment not to be missed is the one with the “Nativity Angel”. This is a show where you can see Angelo Perini forty cribs hand-carved logs of Olive.
The exhibition, unique in the genre, is seen at the former premises of primary schools admission until 6 January 2013.

Province of Pistoia

Until January 6, 2013 at plates, the “Land of the Hundred Cribs”. There will be over 100, in fact the cribs that transform every year this small mountain town in a magical place.

San Marcello Pistoiese
The population of Lizzano you can visit the crib until Epiphany in the Park: a nativity scene with life-sized figures.

Province of Siena

Casole d’Elsa
Appointment on the 26th, 29th, December 30th and January 6th (from 15 allee 19) with the representation of the Nativity traditional appointment with representation set largely in the center of the country.
This year has been designed a new “scenario” with over 250 extras and along the way will open a tavern and craft workshops where you will put the traditional trades such as spinning, the color of the wool, baking bread, and more . The route, animated by the Roman soldiers, shepherds with their animals, artisans and other characters, ends at the hut of the Nativity.
The event took part in the International Prize Presepistico “Praesepium Populi” Award and the National Presepistico “Praesepium Italiae”, resulting in the “Highest Distinction crib” and the official proclamation Casole d’Elsa “City of the Nativity of Italy.”
Admission: € 5.00 only Nativity, Nativity and 6.00 euro Archaeological Museum and college.
Info:; 0577 948705 (open from 10.00 to 13.30 and from 15.00 to 17.30 in the day Saturday, Sunday and holidays).

A Bettolle until January 6, 2013 the five districts as they return each year to stage the Nativity in five points of the scenic village.
The districts Casato, Boxes, Ceppa, Montemaggiore and Poggio choose a theme each year with each other to give different emphasis to the scene and setting of the Nativity. Info: 0577622026 –

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