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Arcipelago toscano: Pianosa si apre a percorsi subacquei

by Nadia Fondelli –  The Island of Pianosa, at the time vigrx of maximum security prisons called “Devil’s Island” from July 17 has become (finally) accessible to divers.

The Park of the Tuscan Archipelago doing its due consideration that the park has a reason to exist if it can be fribile, opened to the enjoyment underwater diving quota for the discovery of the most beautiful backdrops of the protected area of the island.

This is the result of a fruitful collaboration between institutions, law enforcement and the industry and the consortium Elba diving.

The stunning scenes of the Tuscan archipelago until a few days ago “forbidden” will finally be visible to experienced divers and small groups accompanied by environmental guides diving.

It ‘an experimental use which was preceded by a scientific monitoring, but it’s still a big step forward compared to the prohibition of yesterday.

Defined with care and attention the paths of immersion and access rules and also those who want to dive in Pianosa should contact only one of the following authorized diving:,,,

The diving who want to be accredited and licensed must be registered with the Chamber of Commerce, specify the characteristics of the vessels used, (which must meet the requirements of environmental sustainability), to pay an annual subscription and a ticket to dive for each boat.

To deduct contact:

The experimental use is permitted at the time with four buoys, two buoys service are reserved for emergency vehicles and surveillance. The fifth buoy, sp5, will only be used subsequently as a result of the completion of path definition underwater. You will find in regulating everything there is to know.

A unique opportunity, forget the tropical destinations immersing yourself in the pristine sea of the Tuscan Archipelago.

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