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Bilancino, the sea of the Florentines

It is called the sea of the play online casino Florentines due to its vicinity to the city of Florence, but also for all the sports that you can do in the water. We are at the heart of the Mugello, at Bilancino Lake to be precise.

Created to resolve the problems of water supply in the Florence area, over time this artificial basin has become a reference point for all Tuscans looking for relaxation, nature and fun, especially when it’s hot.

20 kilometres from the Tuscan capital, easily reached by car or bus, the lake offers all types of activities. For the lazy one and those who love their siesta, there are plenty of beaches equipped with sunbeds and parasols like in beach houses. There’s the sun and the (clean) water as well. Therefore there’s nothing missing.

Those who love sport and being active can try out the entertaining activities like canoeing, windsurfing or sailing.
The Mugello nautical centre was set up for these sports, which organises events like regattas and sociable trips as well as teaching these disciplines.

It is also interesting to know that the Gabbianello Oasis was founded on the northeast shore of the lake some time ago. It is a protected area that is precious in terms of the conservation of animal and vegetation species. An environmental context that is unique in its genre. Finally, you can explore the surrounding paths on horseback, foot or by bike. You won’t be disappointed.


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