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Beer: the two tasting courses

by Nadia Fondelli – Ferment beer, a network dedicated to quality beer, organized in Florence two courses at different levels for all fans.
The first, beginning in March, will be dedicated to those who want to take their first steps in the world of beer, while the second, advanced level beginning in April, will be a structured course of nine lessons that involve teachers-class national and has the stated aim to deepen the main issues related to the tasting, styles, and pairing with food.

Beer, what a passion! (Level I course)
Three meetings to deepen their knowledge through lectures and tasting of a drink beloved as yet little appreciated.
A course to learn to taste, learn about the history and production, dispel some myths and above all discover how vast and varied is the planet beer.
They will be told and tasted the major beer styles, with clear pils, the Irish stout, the Belgian Trappist abbey and the German weizen, up to the original Italian handicraft production and less well-known types such as lambic.
Before attending this course are not required specific qualifications or skills about the tasting, as lessons for anyone who wants to take their first steps into the world of quality beer.
Objectives: To acquire the basic tools for a proper tasting, learn the main concepts and understand the vast and varied is the world of quality beers (including through guided tastings)
Each two-hour class will be divided into a theoretical part and a practical part of tasting.
Participants will be issued a certificate of participation, a set of wine glasses and handouts on the topics covered.

When: Tuesday, 12, 19, 26 March 2013
time: 21:00 to 23:00
where: Florence – Via Donato Giannotti, 13 at the circle of New Ways (easy parking for street cleaning)
Cost: 70 euro. Payment Method: Bank transfer
Teacher: Nicola Utzeri, editor of Beer Ferment Magazine
What is beer? The ingredients: water, malt, yeast and hops.
How to taste a beer? Color, foam, smell, taste and aftertaste.
Guided tasting of four beers.
The production of birra.Conservazione, service and glasses of beer.
The craft beer and the phenomenon of Italian craft beer.
We know the ales. British and American styles.
Guided tasting of four beers.
History of beer from ancient times to today.
The low fermentation characteristics and history. German beers.
Belgian beers. The abbey beers and Trappist.
Beers spontaneous fermentation the lambic.
Curiosity and myths to debunk.
Guided tasting of four beers.

An advanced course to become tasters of beer for those who want to embark on a career of training, or simply those who, passionate, want to know everything about how to taste in a conscious way the beloved beverage.
The course will consist of nine meetings at the highest level to address in a comprehensive assessment, tasting, describing strengths and weaknesses of a beer, get to know the styles and learn the secrets to a correct match between beer and food.

The main novelty compared to courses already completed in the city, will be the level of detail and comprehensiveness of the topics covered, as well as the caliber of the teachers involved.
Will be asked to conduct lessons undisputed experts value as Lorenzo Dabove (Kuaska) writer and taster in major international competitions, Luke Giaccone, teacher and curator of the guide to the beers of Italy Slow Food, Alberto Laschi, blogger and lecturer said, Flavio Boero, quality manager of Carlsberg Italy, Luigi D’Amelio, brewer and judge competitions, Agostino Arioli, brewer of the “historical” Brewery Italian, Giovanni Campari, brewer of award-winning Brewery of the Duchy and still Utzeri Nicola, editor of Beer Yeast Magazine.
Each class will be divided between theory and guided tastings (time 20.30-23). The students will be given handouts, a set of wine glasses, as well as a certificate of participation.

When: Monday 8,15,22,29 April 6,13,20 Monday, May 27, and Monday, June 3, 2013
Time: from 20.30 to 23
Where: Beer Club House, Corso dei Tintori, 34 / r (the brewery will be closed during school hours)
Cost: 330 euro. Mode of payment: advance payment of 80 € by bank transfer, balance the first lesson (possibility to pay in installments the payment in two installments).
Max 30 places available. The fee includes handouts, tasting glasses and certificate of participation.

Calendar lessons advanced course
Monday, April 8th from 20:30 to 23:00
Teacher: Lorenzo “Kuaska” Dabove, international judge and author of books
Enjoy a beer. Tasting techniques. Introduction to the use of the wheel Meilgaard. Guide to the compilation of a tasting. Guided tasting.

Monday, April 15 from 20:30 to 23:00
Teacher: Andrea Camaschella, teacher and judge
Enjoy a beer (part II). Thresholds of taste perception. Recognize the basic tastes. Such as environmental and psychological factors influencing the tasting. Guided tasting.

Monday, April 22 from 20:30 to 23:00
Teacher: Agostino Arioli, brewer of the brewery the Italian Limido Comasco (CO)
Raw materials. The relationship between raw materials and sensory analysis. Guided tasting.

Monday, April 29 from 20:30 to 23:00
Teacher: Flavio Boero, quality manager of Carlsberg Italy
The main shortcomings of beer. Recognize defects (smell beer samples will be made faulty). Guided tasting.

Monday, May 6 from 20:30 to 23:00
Teacher: Alberto Laschi, blogger, judge and teacher
Styles: Belgium. History, tradition, new trends and typologies. Guided tasting.

Monday, May 13th from 20:30 to 23:00
Teacher: Luca Jacket teacher, judge and editor of the Guide to the beers of Italy SlowFood
Styles: UK / U.S.. History, tradition and types. Guided tasting.

Monday, May 20th from 20:30 to 23:00
Professor: Campari, brewer’s Brewery of the Duchy of Roncole Verdi Busseto (PR)
Styles: Germany / Czech Republic History, tradition, new trends and typologies. Guided tasting.

Monday, May 27th from 20:30 to 23:00
Teacher: Nicola Utzeri, editor of Beer Ferment Magazine joined by some famous Italian brewers.
The phenomenon of Italian craft beer history, styles and trends.

Monday, June 3rd from 20:30 to 23:00
Lecturer: Louis D’Amelio, brewer of the brewery Extraomnes Marnate (VA), sommelier and a judge in national competitions
Beer-food pairing. The main theories of matching. How do you match a beer to food. Compilation of a pairing. Guided tasting and pairing beers with food.
You can find the course on the facebook page

For more information: Ferment Beer – – Cell 328.7184021

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