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Bon ton. Electronic cigarette: what to do?

A topic that is seemingly obsolete yet which has never been more current. Style and good taste have actually returned to the limelight in the main as fundamental elements for those who wish to stand out socially and professionally.
Facing modern living with style makes the difference; our image, decorum and work acquire value and bon-ton is now more necessary than ever! To do this we have chosen the best for you; the sector’s true standard bearer nationally.

Alberto Presutti, impromptu poet, master of ceremonies and modern etiquette, teaches business etiquette, bon-ton, manners and wellness communication throughout Italy.
Frequently seen on the television (Grazie dei Fiori on Rai Due and Uno Mattina on Rai) and collaborator of leading national newspapers, he tackles all aspects of modern etiquette with originality and a vocabulary bursting with style.
His courses and seminars, which are one of a kind for groups and individuals, whereby he goes into detail about important topics in modern living such as the bon-ton of business lunches, good manners in the workplace and the etiquette of team building, even mentioning the most innovative without neglecting the classics such as the bon-ton of receptions, dining and weddings, which are in demand.

Electronic cigarette
by Alberto Presutti – Many still remember the days when cigarette smoke, the acrid odor of tobacco, annuvolava rooms of cinemas, bars and restaurants, and the smoke, it was Mal Ton situation who suffered non-smokers, not observed in any way. Times change, and s’evolvono, but not always for the better.

It ‘good to admit that Bon Ton is, at root, the grace of being able to live both with others and with themselves, otherwise the circle of this statement does not shut up.

The smoker, – already forced to leave the table to smoke outside the door of the local public where they went, behaving so sure with little education, leaving guests or friends left to themselves, to meet their need cigarettes, – today, the industry offers so-called “electronic cigarette”, which should take the place without harming of the traditional one.
But it is true that it is harmless and safe? While avoiding the burning of tobacco the solution of water and nicotine is not better than a classical cigarette, or at least not knowledgeable about the long-term effects.
So, beyond the cessation harmfulness of passive smoking, therefore, this new invention for smokers, retains a number of questions not healthy for its users.

And if smoking was an attitude, a give a tone, sometimes snob, sometimes to overcome personal insecurities, often taking postures not Bon Ton, such as smoking, his elbow resting on the table or desk, use an electronic cigarette does not change the question from the behavioral point of view, if not spacciandone the purchase and use, under the aegis of a Bon Ton label.

Of course, prevail the electronic cigarette will not see cigarette butts thrown with rudeness in every corner of the street and sidewalk, and perhaps disappear over time, ashtrays, smelly real braziers in the open, but the fact remains that the electronic cigarette will have subtracted from the Traditional charming aura that literature, and above all, the cinema, have consecrated it, although with superficiality.

Finally, and in conclusion, a consideration of the ethical, the tobacco companies are enriched every day on employee health by smoking, but find that many various other companies profit from a product that is as true as the miraculous fountain of youth, can not but arouse bewilderment and anger.

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