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Calenzano: a Sunday between art and solidarity

by redaction – Meet at 17.30 with the exhibition of two photographers Mugello , Nando So Forasassi and Sylvester . This is ” GROW Art & Solidarity” program on Sunday, May 18th at Calenzano. A photographic exhibition and a drink in solidarity against hunger in the world. After the presentation of the exhibition, biological aperitif with proceeds to benefit Oxfam Italy

The photographic art of two photographers Mugello , Nando Cosi and Sylvester Forasassi meets the solidarity and commitment to Oxfam Italy against hunger in the world.
The event is scheduled for Sunday, May 18th at 17:30 at Osteria I’Cantuccio Calenzano ( Closed Area ) , which will host the initiative ” GROW Art & Solidarity with us.”
Opening the evening will be the presentation of the photographic exhibition of Cosi and Forasassi , leading up to Sunday, May 25 with the shots taken through personalized techniques that give the title to the respective exhibitions: “In the black way ” for Nando Cosi and ” The essential landscape ” for Sylvester Forasassi .
Follow , then , an appetizer and organic solidarity at a cost of € 8 , with proceeds going to support the GROW project sponsored by Oxfam Italy to develop a power system more equitable , sustainable and responsible .

The two photographers and their art. The images Nando Thus , through the technique of ” black style ” are modeled via a photographic etching technique dating back to the mid 1600s and used mainly for portraits , because of its ability to reproduce the most subtle nuances .
Almost abandoned in the mid- nineteenth century , this technique currently appears in the precious works of Italian Alberto Rocco and Japanese Akiko Chiba.
Just the interest in the works of Rocco led So to use a shooting technique that focuses on the dark tones , which, together with fine-art printing on Canson paper , it gives the images a characteristic velvety appearance and delicate shades of gray typical precisely the ” black way ” .
So the works of the protagonists of this exhibition , however, are different from the normal production of the author , whose style can be classified into what is called ” Street Photography ” or ” A report from the road.”
The shots signed by Sylvester Forasassi , however , prefer ” the essential landscape ” , made of countryside, cities , bodies of water , lines, profiles , clouds and mists , shades of gray and vibrant colors , where the landscape photography is the purest form and you need to give voice to the austere and extraordinary beauty that surrounds us .
Italy Oxfam , an NGO based in Florence and Arezzo, born from the experience of Ucodep , Italian non-governmental organization committed over 30 years to improve the living conditions of thousands of poor people in the world.
In 2010, the NGO has joined the international confederation Oxfam , specializing in humanitarian aid and development projects and consists of 17 organizations from different countries who work with 3,000 local partners in over 90 countries to find lasting solutions to poverty and injustice. Today Italy Oxfam works directly in 20 countries around the world to help ensure sustainable means of livelihood , the right to water , health and education , respect for human rights in humanitarian crises , the right to participation and listening and solidarity.

The ” GROW – The food . Life . The planet ” is one of the main projects of Oxfam Italy and has as its primary goals the development of a system that makes the best food , life and the planet more sustainable and equitable ; share solutions with which to grow better by investing on small farmers and giving them land and resources , and choices that reduce the power of a few over the decisions that affect us all. To learn more, please visit the organization’s website , .

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