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Certaldo: My village, you’re on the hill…

di Donella Zaoboni online casino hacks – Get in Certaldo is always a pleasure. You have the impression of having turned a corner and suddenly find yourself in a different reality. Out of time. As with dreams.
An indefinable feeling caresses the soul. Maybe the ancient history. Maybe the charm of the castle steeped in the smells of the past or the ruins that evoke centuries of adventures?
Whatever it is, here, where time passes without noise, they still live on a human scale.

Season after season, is the flowering of the almond trees and violets, and the first chills of autumn, when the sun flares up from the red brick walls, before disappearing on the horizon. It’s a sight! Even this october’s sunset. Minutes of emotion.
The sun gives you the fairytale castle …

A sign along a stone path cites an order and calls the wanderer distracted to follow a path “viator stops the footer! ……” that’s the hurry – the voice of the marble – On Boccaccio’s nice merry band. There Fiammetta, Calandrino, Filomena, Chichibio, Daphne, Philostratus … Have a hundred stories to tell, one hundred stories full of pranks and trickery of fun.”
The charm of the epigraph, after centuries always has a mysterious call.

Certaldo is the medieval farming village. A handful of houses between stubby towers.
It is the majestic castle of the Vicars, which overlooks the road ammattonata that precedes it, as an invitation to have to visit! Collected squares, corners and narrow paved streets. Walls adorned by the sunny caper flowers pinkish-white! Terraces and the open road on a patchwork of fields and hills, olive groves and vineyards.
Windows, gardens, and walls with rags thesis. Stories about youth and old age. I like the castle for his silence coming from far away.

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