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Certaldo: back Mercantia, July 17 to 21 july

by Nadia Fondelli HGH – Returns the only great show made by hundreds of actors came from all over Italy and the world. The original, imitated, to the rugged slopes, beautiful squares, ancient terraces that are extraordinary in view the scenario of Certaldo Alto, the medieval village where Boccaccio was born exactly 700 years ago.

A slice of landscape, miraculously untouched a few steps from Florence and Siena, where they survive antique shops and small restaurants not to be missed mouth-watering. Here also lights this year, July 17 to 21, “Mercantia” 26th international festival of street theater, playing with the carnivalesque, with the sacred prose high and the “profane” improvisation and cabaret giullaresca .

In the chest of narrow, almost a point of the season, intimate and necessary, arrive every year from beyond the Alps, England, former Czechoslovak Republic, the countries from South America and delll’est dozens of stilt walkers, acrobats, circus performers and new dance, mimes and clowns, magicians and poets in a continuous succession of shows and performances. High and low, of story-telling and drama without words, figures and shadow puppets in a perfect circle that charms and seduces. Many artists who leave no trace of themselves and then come back the next summer and many budding those who here have taken the first steps, by Ascanio Celestini Pippo Delbono to name just two friends that the festival was very happy, years ago, to christen. The public, for its part, does not skimp answers.

(Suffice it to say that last year the festival has had over 27,000 visitors!).

For the edition number 26, a full international artists and not just with over 100 shows every night (to get an idea of the grandiose program that covers all tastes just look on the site

Here we will just mention the special projects especially in the name of Boccaccio that year, the city celebrates the 700th birthday native. And it is precisely in the name of the storyteller that in the secret gardens of Giovanni Boccaccio, the imaginary part of the Ninfale Fiesolano of G.Boccaccio a project of “The Slaughter of Certaldo” comes every evening in an unpublished text 473 octaves which tells the love between a shepherd and a water lily.

And in the name of the great city of Certaldo, a crazy idea of the artistic director and creator of Mercantia Alessandro Gigli was born this year also Mercaccio, a cookie created to celebrate the centenary of the storyteller and 7 Mercantia. For those who want to discover every night, on the first floor of the cloister of the Augustinian convent ten lucky for once can find out in a curious journey of taste.

The party starts at sundown and continues until after midnight. Parking areas are marked and shuttle bus to the center.

For information and detailed program of each evening:

photo by Filippo Belli

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