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About us

Nicoletta CurradiNicoletta Curradi
Fiorentina Doc, has always cultivated a passion for journalism. Journalist since 2009, has worked for many years with various Italian and foreign magazines. Poems composed in 2009 and published his first collection. It ‘was the winner of the Prize for Journalism Cetona in 2011.

Fabrizio Del BimboFabrizio Del Bimbo
Born in Florence, banking for many year, then moved on devoting himself full time to journalism. Journalist since 2009, is primarily concerned with art, food and wine (it’s also sommelier), tourism and sport. Has worked since 2002 with numerous domestic and foreign.

Alberto Presutti
 Fiorentino expert Bon Ton and etiquette, business consultant and global business etiquette has also published the manual “Welcome etiquette” (Romano Publisher). and ‘consullente Sky and RAI for the label bed. I know on the website are available all the private courses, consulting business and evening entertainment in poetry.

Margherita NieriMargherita Nieri
Cultivated for over 15 years, the love of writing, reading, journalism and art. Degree in modern literature has become the bones in the press offices and currently deals with communication, journalism, public relations and web copywriter.

Marco GemelliMarco Gemelli
In his early thirties is a professional journalist since 2005. Lived in Florence for 13 years and was redactor of “Ill giornale della Toscana”.  Worked in news, case studies, but also economics, tourism, life style, fashion, food and wine.

Simone FocardiSimone Focardi
Expert and former fashion model was also secretary of artistic and image maker and television agency responsible for casting for a modeling agency. The fashion and the whole world revolves around them has no secrets for him.

Ambra NepiAmbra Nepi
She has over twenty years experience in the field of communication directed mainly to art and cultural heritage. Especially passionate journalist of Tuscan culinary traditions, culture and folklore is also, just as a hobby, however, an excellent photographer.

Marco GhelfiMarco Ghelfi
Bolognese doc after graduating in Law has arrived in Florence to a master’s degree in business marketing wine, but then the passion for wine and food have become profession. He writes for many publications is a sommelier, teaches courses of wine and a leading expert in beer.

Stefania PianigianiStefania Pianigiani
Born and living in Chianti is a great lover of food, wine, traditions and nature. Gardener by profession and journalist for pleasure is a blogger, in fact his blog is one of the most popular of Tuscany.

Martina BecucciMartina Becucci
Journalist with a degree in political science postgraduate master in multimedia content design and worked with daily, monthly and radio. She worked as a press office and event management and has extensive experience in e-learning.

Claudio MolloClaudio Mollo
Sommelier, oil and cheese taster is responsible for more than 20 years of food and drink, food quality, fine food and wine tourism. He has worked with over 30 publications and is the author of many books dedicated to food.

Donella ZanoboniDonella Zanoboni
It ‘s an artistic artisan famous all over the world. Among his clients rulers, actors, singers and famous faces of all kinds and many appearances on television. It ‘a deep knowledge of herbs and passionate rites and spells related to the nature and tradition of these writes.

Filippo GiovannelliFilippo Giovannelli
Great knowledge of Florence and its culture, vice president of Bandierai Uffizi, Florence popularizer of folk traditions is a collaborator of local newspapers, and book author. He is currently director of the series Editoral “Raccontiamo Firenze” for “EDK editions.

Nadia FondelliNadia Fondelli
Of this magazine, when it called Chianti News and when Toscana & Chianti News has been the founder, editor and later director. Today the re-establishment in the name of the historian Director Paolo Melani with which she also wrote the book “80 anni di storia fiorentina.” With the television graphologist Mirka Cesari instead wrote his second book “Chat line dalla trasgressione alla solitudine.” A pioneer in the web editor and content has created and managed the sites of famous italian singers such as Anna Oxa, Fausto Leali, Ivana Spagna, Fiordaliso, Annalisa Minetti and Fabrizio Moro. It ‘s founder of the association of sport and solidarity Run x You and voulonter to italian Protezione civile Transplant Logistics and teacher in communication and journalism.

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