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Chianti Classico: A San Casciano clothing of the Qing Dynasty in exhibitions

by Nadia Fondelli – An exhibition not to be missed in vigrx plus dose the Florentine Chianti. In San Casciano the opportunity to see first hand some rare works of art worn by the emperor of the Qing Dynasty, his family and officials.

Clothing symbolic of ancient China, dragon claws and five other Chinese symbols of the universe, wrapped in gold thread, populate the dresses in embroidered silk. Tapestry of extraordinary complexity, artwork translated into clothes worn by the higher social classes of Ancient China.

To offer this opportunity really rare to see the richness of colors and designs, refinement of the art-treasures of these garments is the exhibition just opened “The Universe in a dress – Clothes for the Emperor’s court”, curated by Nicola Visibelli and Blacks and Torcello Torcello Blacks housed in the antique gallery in San Casciano via IV Novembre.
Fifteen silk dresses decorated with golden threads of men and women who come from private collections.

It ‘s the time of the 1644 reference when the Manchu warriors and hunters, overthrow the dynasty To establish that the Qing Ming, destined to rule one of the largest populations in the world. And ‘the era in which the clothing of the court begins to become the most sumptuous coded system, symbolic and technically sophisticated ever developed in history. Clothes that describe, emphasize, reveal the world of China and its rich symbolism, Buddhist and Taoist deployed in every rich and refined detail.

The exhibition is organized under the patronage of the Municipality of San Casciano, traces the history of Chinese short dresses in a time frame of between 1759 and 1911.

“The idea of bringing in San Casciano – says Blacks Torcello – a chapter in the history of Eastern Europe through the beauty and shape of the imperial robes is the result of the study period on clothing encoded in the Chinese imperial court between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Research that allowed me to get in touch with the owners of two private collections. Due to their availability we could build a didactic exhibition aims to raise awareness among visitors to a thorough reading of these treasures rich in symbols, to be read as if they were books. “

“I want to express my admiration – said the mayor Massimiliano Pescini – for Blacks Torcello, a young fellow who has done and will do good for his community. An antiquarian expertise that invests in a difficult time like this and puts his space, a wide-ranging cultural center, available to the community. “

The exhibition will remain open until January 12, 2013 during the opening hours the gallery. Admission is free.
For information: tel. 055 820609

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