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From the net the discovery of love to save the lives

by Nadia Fondelli – It ‘s the story Electronic Cigarette about a love. A true love, sincere. Love for Life.

New technologies, chat rooms and social networks are much loved as downtrodden. Mistreated especially when it comes to chronicle that, in these cases, almost always becomes black …

Yet in the network are not only the bad things, but good stories overflowing of love and friendship.

When some years ago I have given to the press along with a note psicografologa the book “Chat line: the transgression of solitude” I really wanted to focus on this aspect.

The network is not only a tempter, but a place where, as in real life, there is the evil that good.

Those found in network virtual friends often become then also real that they have saved from loneliness? Those who have found the love of their lives, the one with a capital?

Many, much more than those who can only think that, unlike the bad news, the good never find space on the record …

With that book I wanted cospargermi head with ashes, almost as if writing was the “discount” guilt of the class journalism.

Well, yes. I have always dreamed that each newspaper has its nice section dedicated to the “good news” that opens a news casting news filled with love … also to balance the many bad news and also to revive the spirit of the company in times like the present … decidedly grams …

The Tuscany takes so little to fill this void in his hoping to soon be emulated by many newspapers also the most famous.

Start today so that this newspaper – and with a great desire to do more and more frequently – to give you some good news.

It will not be easy to do so because it is not easy to find them, but we try, starting with this beautiful love story from social networks has grown in real life.

I dream that our beautiful stories are also an expression of a living society and solidarity, rather they are in these kinds of stories that we will dedicate more attention: those that are not only beautiful, but full of love …

So let’s start with our first “Once Upon a Time”

Once upon a time Paola Rita Ledda, a young woman of Sardinian origin who has lived for years in Pisa on the network has discovered the value of love for life, through the contribution she could make to save lives. Screw unknown compromised lives, lives sick.

Paola one day he meets by chance on the page of the Operational Civil Protection – Logistics Transplantation. The graphics are eye-catching and news relaunched, it comes and there are photos of people who travel the world to carry the life, indeed, LIFE, all capital letters, as they like to write them.

Paola is interested, is part of the page, is passionate, but continues to follow the news and post privately, discreetly. But the idea of being able to make a contribution to saving lives and go around the world fascinated her and begins to frullargli head.

In fact Paola, the world has already made a lot ‘is a passion for both his work experience, but the idea of being the ideal connection between two lives, that will remain forever united by the great act of donation, it was really engaging and stimulated many positive thoughts.

In one of the many steps on that page see a post: “How to become our volunteers.” Paola pores and with a bit of hesitation, sends a message.

The response is encouraging and, without wasting time, was invited to participate as an observer in a mission. If he does not say it twice, participates in, is even more enthusiastic and works hard as he can to forge ahead and be appropriate: after about a month of training is ready to fly, as a good “angel” and to make the first international mission of international courier stem cell and bone marrow transplant from Germany, the country of the donation, Spain country where it will be transplanted!

“From very thought of a way to be useful to others, give me way to do things that have a deeper meaning and that avvertissi not be an end in themselves.

Facilitated by the fact of being a student and working as a freelance photographer, I find myself having way – most of the time – to organize my schedule in the manner most favorable to me, so I considered that this was the most appropriate time to finally do something! “

I went up to the Core – continues Paola – assessing the options in more abstract than concrete if I have to be honest, when I realized that one of my contacts on Facebook share pictures and links various travel undertaken by him and others to bring ” LIFE “where we needed it, I was curious about it.

I tried some more information and I was more aware of the kind of commitment that it was, I was more attracted by it. So I answered an ad on the facebook page, where you were looking for new volunteers and so began my adventure.

We asked after his first mission, what emotions could tell us:

“For me it is an incredible emotion to know that in my own small way I can give help to those in need, I can spend my time not only to take care of myself and my business, but in putting at the disposal of others. Time given is a time earned. “

On the page of the association today is a picture of Paola full page, with his short story. That page has been seen in less than 36 hours over two thousand people!

Many comments of encouragement and Paola who so replies: “Thank you all! It ‘sa dream to do something really useful, giving a sense of the day. “

A very eloquent comment on the love for life that animates Paola, as the last sentence that said: “the time given is a time earned” but assures us that all the other components of the Operational Protection Civil – Logistics Transplant think so!

For those wishing to follow the example of Paola before web dell’associazionee refer you to some brief remarks on how to become “angels of life.”

In a few lines are necessary:

-Availability of good time for each mission lasts 2 to 5 days and can not be interrupted;

– Good knowledge of English is essential for international missions

– Willingness to travel

– Great sense of responsibility because each mission depends on someone’s life

– Ability to interact in a team

From network to real life to find the love of giving life.

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