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Excursions: in march discovering the small village of the Camellias and more …

by Michael Colombini – A route that will reach St. Andrew’s task to visit the exhibition of ancient camellias part of Lucca dall’ottocentesco Aqueduct Nottolini on a mountain slope of Vorno.

The aqueduct is a great monumental work designed to bring within the walls of Lucca, through two separate paths, major and minor water quality. The water came from higher quality springs and the other by the Serra Vespaiata (construction bringing together the waters of the Rio San Quirico and Rio di Valle).
The place where the Serra Vespaiata is called “The words of gold” because the locals had mistaken for the letters of gold gleaming brass inscription carved on the stone that covered a small bridge.

Crossing this we will take inoltrandoci in the woods, to San Giusto task and then reach over a short stretch of paved road the village of the Camellias.
The small courtyards, ancient portals, between the green houses, villas, camellia trees: these, and many others, to discover the reasons of Sant’Andrea task, during the weekend of the exhibition Ancient Camellias of Lucca.

Some hairpin bends lead between the terraces of olive trees and an ancient tower stands high among the mountains and sky. A mysterious tower. From its top protrudes a basket of wrought iron. It hung, it is said, the heads of the condemned. The mystery of the tower still prevails today. Most argue that it is a watchtower built by Castruccio Castracani terrible, lord of Lucca in the early fourteenth century. The in the village church stands on a high ridge, simple and impressive. Below it, to the side of the tower, a thick hedge of centuries-old camellias framed by the cultivation of Camellia sinensis L., the tea plant, created by Guido Cattolica.
An experiment that has yielded very encouraging results bringing the tea produced in St. Andrew’s task to compete in an international tastings. Not everything is in the rustic village. High walls a little ‘crumbling contain old noble villas: Villa Borrini and more decentralized in Pieve, Giovannetti Villa, Villa Orsi, Villa Di Vecchio. All have a common characteristic: the age-old camellia trees.

Finally on the road to Monte Serra, in a fascinating area, visit the Camellietum, natural park that brings together more than 700 specimens of camellias, born from the desire to offer visitors an opportunity to learn about this plant from the botanical point of view, its propagation, its history while ensuring the protection and conservation in the time of old cultivars planted.

Full day excursion that will take place in March. Hiking itinerary without technical difficulties for a total of three hours of walking (not including stops).
For information and reservations visit looking for from the desk calendar, fill out the form specifying name, email, phone number and number of seats reserved and send it by mail.
For reservations within 24 hours of departure please call 347 5870026

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