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Fibers of another universe in Fiesole

by redaction – Look beyond the exterior, grasp the beauty where this lies beyond the mundane appearances, enter the soul of the object, to see and build a history of perceptions and sensations.

This is what Elizabeth Nencini, versatile artist and daughter of the great cycling champion Gaston, looking with his camera lens.
As objects of excavation, discovered and brought to light after centuries, so the urban waste can reveal and evoke the identity of a historical moment, evolved over the flow of memory.
It is this gap that immortalizes Elizabeth, giving it life. Thus takes the name “Fibre from another universe” his photo exhibition hosted from January 26 to February 17 (open 10-14, closed on Tuesdays) the Hall Antiquarium Costantini of the Archaeological Museum of Fiesole (via Portigiani, 1).

Its not mere documentation of the visible and real, but a real captatio essentiœ of what the eye perceives in particular: the innately artist is attracted by the specificity of detail, so as to take responsibility for what object d ‘ attention before art.
Matter in its structure becomes subject to review and unconditional core of new life in the eyes of those who perceive a value that goes beyond that conferred by events.
The attraction to the form, line, color of what he has already had a history of what has already written his past, is Elizabeth Nencini to bring forth from the photo shoot a breath of new life, the dignity of wholly exceptional disuse elevates the material objects and subjects of art. Art and photography, then, as new means of creative vitality.

“Elizabeth Nencini talks about himself in the shots that distinguish it. Colors and shapes as moods contain cryptic species suspended in architecture iconographic references drunk with visceral – explains the art critic Faccenda – are those rubber cables, electrical wires, various residues that, in the singular and wise adaptation photographs, can be transformed to the point, would you say even transfigured, it seemed, finally, tree branches, grass or flower scapes, when the strings inside of a human being. “

Elizabeth Nencini with his camera detract from the appearance of things and goes in search of the substance of the material to be waste recycled back.

Elizabeth Nencini “Fibre from another universe”
Fiesole, Costantini Hall of the Archaeological Museum, Via Portigiani, 1
until February 17
Hours: 10:00 to 14:00, closed on Tuesdays
Information: Museums Fiesole, Via Portigiani 3; 055 5961293;

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