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Until May: discovering the most beautiful house of the Narcissi in Italy!

In the spring, gardens make a beautiful display of themselves, affecting all our senses. The dancing air of pollen and the new reawakening of nature produce a great variety of flowers.

You see them shoot up now here and there wherever you look: white, yellow, two-tone, coloured and impressive. The narcissi of Villa La Pescigola guard the lovely horseshoe-shaped villa that stands between the English flowerbeds or at the edge of the wood, with noble borders that look onto the strip of a happy basin.

The owners, Adriana Hedges and her husband, have transformed the old Italian-style garden into a romantic English-style parkland, drawing inspiration from an old painting situated on a door of the hall in the house. The house appears as if by magic between the trees and greenery; big, yet intimate and enclosed at the same time, full of life that has been lived and memories of the past.

The estate is located in that strip of Lunigiana that borders Liguria and Emilia. It is home to old specimens of Atlantic cedars and above all 150,000 narcissi, divided into 400 varieties, whose exuberance of the plantations is softened by the harmony of colours. Old and new species of this flower, humble and sought-after at the same time, in coral and salmon pink, blend together into a kaleidoscope of coloured figures.

Narcisi dei Poeti are found in the various flowerbeds, with extremely perfumed and simple, white flowers with a little yellow crown, rimmed with red, as well as the Incomparabili, which shoot up here and there, with its open and ruffled crown.
The grass grows luxuriantly on the lawns and seems like a cover out of a fairytale with an embroidery of flowers.
The main avenue that leads to the house is flanked by box hedges. As you pass, you discover grotesque and fish-filled fountains that give the villa its name.

The extensive renovation work has left intact the springtime beauty of the garden with the little narcissi and tulip bulbs. It also improved the broderies, i.e. the seventeenth-century flowerbeds that frame the greenery. Last but not least, there are also the terraces that slowly slope down towards the pine forest with free borders and little scatterings of bulbs, reaching the mazes, the most important part of the villa.

A band of over 50,000 tromboni (another name for narcissi in Italian) concentrates on blending the colours and geometric forms of this wonderful labyrinth, dotted with little dwarf box hedges. It is a maze that offers a succession of flowering borders that are perfectly tended.

Vases of lemon trees, pyramids of greenery, sculpted with the art of topiary, swans and peacocks illuminate the unity, watched over by the marble busts positioned along the large stone wall that enclose the parkland. Two columns topped by sculptures of noblemen of bygone times open the way to the main staircase that slowly slopes down to the green meadows, dotted with areas dominated by tulips and irises.
Here we are for the sixth year running at Villa La Pescigola, faced with the largest blossoming of narcissi in a private park in Italy!

This year the Festival dei Narcisi will open its doors from 25 March to 1 May with the last flowering.  If you love these flowers you will also be able to book the bulbs for October.
We wanted to tell you about this dreamlike vision, stunned by this explosion of flowers, greenery, shapes, forms and dreamy figures. And we’re sure that you’ll be equally charmed.

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