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Florence: may 27th 1993. Don’t forget

On “Chianti News” 19 years years ago, when I’m a young journalist with the heart shaken by the event and the pen embarrassed in front a this big event I wrote this. Twenty years later, do not forget to vigrx plus discount propose again.

by Nadia Fondelli –Our hearts are still sore and our memories disturbed, when we remember that warm spring evening when an unexpected explosion rent the heart of Florence asunder.

Two of the oldest streets in Florence, Via dei Georgofili and Via Lambertesca were in utter ruins. The entire history of the Uffizi Gallery wounded almost to death. Five human beings lost forever.

This terrible damage to the patrimony, history and culture of all humanity was destroyed by some cruel and idiotic killer who, in the name of some distorted ideal, had been paid to wreak harm on the Art that belongs to us all.

However time passes, life goes on and the Florentines, with their usual determination, have done what they can to repair the open wounds to the city’s heart and property. Although the “Antico Fattore” is taking a long time to rise from the ruins, the shops in the area have opened their doors again, in spite of the anguish and suffering that has been caused in Florence by such a wicked act.

“The Tree of Peace”, the little olive tree that has managed to survive in spite of all the builders’ dust, is still standing in narrow Via Lambertesca to remind absent-minded passersby that Florence has no intention of forgetting and its lesson in humanity is that once more love and tollerance must prevail over hatred. What we can do, each in our own small way, is to try and help this small corner of mediaeval Florence to rise again: visiting it means coming close to a part of Florence’s history and helps remember the TNT of two one year ago; shopping in the artisans’ shops in the area means making a silent statement about the love of the human race for the precious jewel that is Florence.

Don’t forget!

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