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Florence: from Boldrini De Pisis in exhibitions

by Nicoletta Curradi & Fabrizio Del Bimbo – In the two most prestigious museums viagra canada in the florentine Oltrarno, the Gallery of Modern Art in Pitti Palace and Villa Bardini Foundation Parks Monumental Bardini Peyron, hosted by yesterday and until next May 15th extensive review Galleries of the museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Ferrara.

With this exhibition we wanted to in the first reply to the inconvenience suffered by the Galleries Ferrara because of the damage suffered by Massari Palace, home to the collections of the nineteenth century and the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Filippo de Pisis because of the earthquake that struck In May 2012, the Emilia Romagna.

A Villa Bardini 26 works on display come from Romanticism historic start of Gaetano Turks, Massimiliano Lodi, Jerome Domenichini and Giovanni Pagliarini and follow with the portraits of the leading local artists – from Mentessi Giuseppe Giovanni Boldini – to reach the symbolism of Gaetano Previati with the absolute masterpiece of Paolo and Francesca (1909), based on the canto.
Here will be present, in particular a significant core of portraits of the great Giovanni Boldini, works of international flavor, conducted according to a mature style, with a formal perfection that had reached quality levels that exceed many of his contemporaries.

The Gallery of Modern Art Pitti Palace are exposed instead 35 works, paintings and sculptures from the literary symbolism of John Muzzioli and Gaetano Previati, allegories melancholy in the sculptures of Henry Angelo Conti and Minerbi.
Also here you can admire three masterpieces by Giovanni Boldini intriguing to the taste unusual, compared to the usual repertoire of the artist: two still lifes (A corner of the table of the painter; apples Calville) and Marina in Venice with scans like a geometric composition Japanese manga.
Staying with souvenirs artist of European cities, an ‘other Venice by Giuseppe Mentessi (Basilica di San Marco’s Square), and the shot of the bridge-Charing Cross in London by Alberto Pisa.

To document the transition to futurism is a painting by Arnold Bonzagni and a Bronze Hannibal Zucchini, while the current pursued the recovery of the classical tradition, with clear shots by the masters of the Renaissance Ferrara, is represented by the portrait of Sister (1921) Achille Funi that you will also be showing its suggestions of the ancient Roman Forum.

Amplification monumental projects in line with the policy of the regime is the one that is documented in the form a large backgrounds used by Mario Sironi in the study for a mosaic of the Palace of Justice in Milan.
There are also portraits and geometries lowered tones in still lifes of Roberto Melli, which can be a real discovery for the general public.

The tribute to the twentieth century Ferrara concludes with one of the most important collections of works of the great artist-poet Filippo De Pisis, telling the artist through his personal vision of still lifes, portraits, views of Paris, described and painted with flowers form engaging and concise.
In parallel to this section of the twentieth century, the Gallery of Modern Art has a small but significant selection from his storehouses presenting to the public works of the same authors recently seen in the exhibition as Boldini, Minerbi, De Pisis, Carrà and Sironi.

By Boldini, De Pisis. Florence welcomes the masterpieces of Ferrara
Florence, Gallery of Modern Art, Pitti Palace and Villa Bardini
From 19 February to 19 May 2013

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