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Florence and its flower

In Tuscan, the flower is called “giaggiolo” (from the Latin gladius = sword) due to the sword-like structure of the leaves.
The iris Online Casino has always been the symbol of Florence: a stylised representation of the flower appears on the silver coins of the Florentine Republic dating back to the twelfth century; and, later, on the gold florin.

The “lily” which has appeared on the city standard ever since 1250, is really a white iris of the “alba florentina” variety which grows spontaneously in the Arno valley.

In 1266, after the banishment of the Ghibellines, the Guelphs inverted the colours of the coat-of-arms of the city to create what can still be seen today: a red iris – something which has never existed in nature – on a white background.

To confirm the role of Florence as the “Capital of the Iris”, an International Competition was set up in 1954 to give prizes to the best varieties of irises and keep a historical record of them in the special “Podere dei Bastioni” garden on the eastern side of Piazzale Michelangelo.

Every year, the competition attracts breeders from all over the world who come to propose varieties with new colours and shapes.

An international panel awards the “Golden Florin” to the best variety while the city council gives the “City of Florence” award to the flower whose colour gets closest to the red iris on the city standard.

The 1973 victory of the American, George Specht, with “Rosso Fiorentino”, the first Italian-bred iris to win both awards, was a historical event.

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