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Florence: the scent of a city

20170225_172620 20170225_173650Nadia Fondelli – It ‘a Swedish the winner of the National Prize of Boboli perfumes 2016 – of hay fragrances. Florence continues its tradition of craftsmanship perfume by Catherine of Medici to today.
The announcement took place at Villa Arrivabene the presence of President of the District 2 Michele Pierguidi.

The idea of Maria Galassini was born in Florence, under the auspices of the municipality, the national award dedicated to olfactif talents.
A new feature that brings the town of the lily to the art world perfume center. That same high craftsmanship that from here started at the court of Catherine the conquest of Paris and the world back here today.

Not by chance in Florence there are still many important noses; creative world famous craft that out of the perfume brands “assembly-line” operating in the shadow of those who were the medicinal gardens of the Medici spices.

It is no coincidence that even in Florence has been recently opened also a tourist route odorous discovering old shops and herbalists, and it is no coincidence that finally has its registered office in Florence in the prestigious premises of what has since 1700 an apothecary Italian School of Perfume direct  by Dr. Fernanda Russo.

The hay with all its evocative values, not only primordial emotional but also environmentally sustainable, has been the subject protagonist around whom the young and talented noses have been presented with.
Four parameters used to declare, among the six finalists, the winner as illustrated by jury president Giovanni Di Massimo holder of the ancient perfumery Palazzo Vecchio.
The ability to interpret the theme, the persistence, the intrinsic evocative qualities, the tale of the data sheet.

And because the hay had to be all the way, during the award ceremony also the most authentic Dolomites with the ancient Ladin culture represented by the performer Simon Kostern were present with a narrative that between “lusco e brusco” led to the mountains, to ‘interior of the huts, to live genuine air of pasture and freshly cut hay.

That Hay who also evoked emotions in bottles finalists who put seriously embarrassed the technical jury that they were going to declare a winner.
The wire was awarded the prize and the opportunity to see produce and sell the first one hundred bottles of its creation by the ancient Ponte Vecchio perfumeries Swedish Kerstin Stromberg, an international winner for a special ambassador of Made in Florence.
The scent of “hay” of the contest The Boboli Perfumes.

An award that gives prestige to Florence enhancing its great traditions of excellent craftsmanship.

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