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Florence: For you Leon! First Event You Run x 2014

by redaction – Will Nadia Fondelli, journalist and creator with Michael Innocenti x Run to You put your shoes on your feet for the first event in 2014. It will do so on June 14. Only 20 km away. those between Florence from the Sanctuary of Montesenario, but all uphill and all in one breath.

One day walking (walking and running) through little-known corners of Florence, Fiesole and Money before reaching the 817 meters in altitude of the sanctuary nestled in a beautiful pine wood.
“For you, Leon! Only the dreamer can fly “is the title of this event created for the realization of a dream: the birth of baby Leon.
The new mom has decided to dedicate the ‘undertaking not only to his son, but to all children less fortunate.

“I was thinking of doing it this natural gift received – Bottoms says – I wanted my walk this Thanksgiving could also do something concrete with promoting the activities of the charity The Garden of Luke and Viola who is dedicated to their children by supporting projects in the field of pediatric diseases and promoting a culture of giving.
Which courier Voluntary Civil Protection of the Operational Logistics in transport Transplantation of organs, stem cells and bone marrow – he continues – I have seen at first hand the sufferings, hopes and joys; so what I will try this in my walk is nothing compared to what awaits those who try the gift! “

Il Giardino di Luca Viola and which is dedicated to this x You Run is one of the most vital associations with the Meyer Hospital is carrying out a unique project in Italy and Neuroscience of Osteopathy to treat children and reduce their pain, l ‘ use of medicines and hospitalization times. Last year alone, this non-profit organization has completed over 12 projects and is currently creating the “school of solidarity” to raise awareness in schools since the culture of aid to the next.

After the successes of 2010 and 2011 dedicated to the construction of the facility for disabled Sassi Turchini Porto Azzurro signature events in Run x You come back to this in 2014 thanks to the valuable support of the social division of Florence Running back in turn dall’exploit Run drink to 2013, which promoted the drink aware of the Florentine nightlife.
The Run for you x Nadia Bottoms anticipates only 15 days the firm of Michael Innocenti; the non-stop 140 km. from Bagno a Ripoli in Follonica also dedicated to the culture of gift and Ail.
“As is our practice to not be alone. Some friends and I thank have already confirmed their presence and take this opportunity as x for each run you to invite anyone willing to do so, to join in this walk – Bottoms says – and those who can not do it can still be near us and decided to do something for Il Giardino di Luca and Viola, even if only to learn about word of mouth mode of existence of this reality.
We are waiting for the party, however, in the afternoon-snack final in the garden of XXXXXXXXX with many children, entertainment, music and snacks. Merry opportunity to let you know who we are and why we do it. I conclude by reminding us that we are a bit ‘crazy, but always happy to work hard to spread the good sport that is discipline, sweat and toil, but mostly it is giving to others. “

Run x You. “For you Leon! Only the dreamer can fly “Running Florence thanks to the technical support, the Operational Unit of Civil Defense Logistics Transplantation without whose presence no our event would be possible and all those who in their own way they want to be close to disseminate the message of the gift.

For registration and further information:
Facebook; Nadia Fondelli, Run x you group and page, Florence Running
Twitter: @ FondelliNadia @ @ FirenzeRunning Runxyou
Nadia Bottoms – Tel 328 9396689 – fondelli.nadia @
For donations: The garden of Luke and Viola

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