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(Italiano) Firenze, Preziosa 2013: il gioiello contemporaneo al Museo Marino Marini

by redaction  – The Museo secretagogue hgh Marino Marini in Florence accommodate up to July 21, “Prziosa 2013,” seventh edition of the exhibition dedicated to the jewel of contemporary research.
The theme of the exhibition this year is the viewer’s gaze, expectations and preconceptions of the imaginary common than contemporary ornamentation.
“Un certain regard” – the subtitle – presents the jewels of six established artists of international fame: Karin Seufert, Philip Sajet, Suska Mackert, David Bielander, Sophie Hanagarth, Sigurd Bronger.

Three thematic sections of the exhibition: “Ornamentorum Lex” which houses the research Suska Mackert around the jewel-like social code.
Photos, videos, books and installations are the works by which the artist reflects on the jewel as a sign from the complex social and psychological references, on its ability to identify roles and influence behavior.

“To be or not to be?” Presents works in which are reprocessed materials, techniques and forms of jewelry history.
The jewels of Philip Sajet attract and comfort the viewer, but at the same time investigating a substantial aspect of the jewelry world: the attribution of value.
In the works of Karin Seufert are reworkings of past forms and marks identifying global, which show the function of jewelery as a sign of belonging to a group.

Finally, the section “What I see is what I see!” Offers three different languages are characterized by a strong visual impact on the viewer. David Bielander, like a skilled magician, he amazed the audience reworking forms drawn from nature and everyday life by creating jewelry ironic and evocative. Sophie Hanagarth creates jewelry powerful and vigorous, that draw on popular culture, recreated in proposals absolutely contemporary.
Creations from the spirit and surreal aesthetic engineering of Sigurd Bronger will surprise the visitor, catapulting him into a postmodern cabinet de curiosités.

Preziosa 2013 – “Un certain regard”
until July 21, 2013
Marino Marini Museum – Florence, Piazza San Pancrazio
Hours: 10-17 (closed Sundays and Tuesdays)

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