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Florence: Calcio storico is back

by redaction online tramadol pharmacy – In June Florence celebrates tradition with one of its most symbolic and heartfelt events: calcio storico or calcio in costume. Also called calcio in livrea,this sport was often played back in the late 15th century by Florentine youths.

Calcio in costume takes its origin from the ancient Roman game of Harpastum,which literally means “forcibly rip” and perfectly expresses the virile nature of the competition, which takes place between two teams of legionaries on sandy soils.

In the 16th century, calcio in costumetook on considerable importance for some games played in the city’s most important piazzas by Florentine nobles, who wore the opulent liveries of the time.

Since 1930, with the exception of rare interruptions, challenges take place between the footballers of the four historic districts of Florence every year, each of which is distinguished by a colour and symbol, taking their names from the main church situated in their area: the whites of Santo Spirito, the light blues of Santa Croce, the reds of Santa Maria Novella, and the greens of San Giovanni. Saturday June 15 Bianchi vs Rossi and Sunday June 16 against Blu vs Verdi, followed by the finals on June 24. All matches will be played at 18:00.

There are currently three games: two heats and the final, which take place in Piazza Santa Croce.Since its origin, the lovely backdrop of Piazza Santa Croce was the scene of the city’s festivals and ceremonies, including the celebration of the engagement of Lorenzo de’ Medici in 1469 and the calcio storicogame during the city’s siege in 1530.

At the sides of the Piazza, two marble disks were walled in on the facade of Palazzo dell’Antella and the building opposite in 1565, which marked the halfway point of the playing field.

Particularly striking is the 16th-century parade that precedes the Florentine football games: from the monastery of Santa Maria Novella to the playing field, amongst drum rolls and the blowing of trumpets, about 530 players parade dressed in the historic strips of the Florentine nobles and the footballers’ liveries.

The final is played on 24 June, the feast day of San Giovanni, patron saint ofFlorence. The Field Master will hand over a Chianina breed calf as a prize to the winning team, the one that has scored the most goals.

June 15 semifinal Bianchi – Rossi, hours 6:00 pm
June 16 semifinal Verdi – Blu, 6.00 pm
June 24 final, 6.00 pm
Tickets: Central grandstand 45 + € 7 to € presale; grandstand side 35 euro (+ 7); grandstand numbered 20 € (+7); popular forums € 15 (+6).
Tickets are available at the Box Office, via delle Carceri Vecchie 1 (advance telephone 055 210804, online –



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