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Grosseto: Maremma wine food shire. The excellence of a territory

by Nadia Fondelli vigrx plus does not work –  120 exhibitors including wine, food and crafts, 8 between associations and consortia product promotion, more than 50 buyers from 14 countries around the world, including United Arab Emirates, USA, Germany, England, Taiwan, journalists internationally renowned … and a stunning setting and very impressive: the historical center of the capital of Maremma. This will be the 2013 edition of the Maremma Winefood Shire to be held in London on 17, 18 and 19 May.

Aromas and flavors of fine showcase will be featured in roads and squares, providing an immersive atmosphere and only until the late evening. The calendar is full of events including conviviality, culture of taste and food value. Participate with their products, from wine to meats to cheeses, the largest and most prestigious farms in the province, while chefs, wine experts, wine makers, operators will accompany buyers, guests and citizens in the journey to discover the flavors of this wonderful land .

Plenty of events for young and old, experienced and neofiiti over the three days including a tasting workshop for children who will be challenged to discover a to “hunt cheese” to recognize cheeses Maremma, a walk in the afternoon with the “Golosario” Palo Massobrio accompanied by the singing of the Brigantes of Maremma through the streets of downtown. Then again with curious film and wine pairings between wine and movies and so many tasting, show cooking and much more.

It does not end here because Maremma Winefood Shire is also the Feast of Maremma, a container wider and more ambitious, aimed at economic development of the territory, which widens the calendar of initiatives from the city to the other municipalities in the area.

Besides the two major assets, such as food, wine and tourism, with the Feast you want to promote and raise awareness of the quality of life in the province of Grosseto, its traditions, its landscapes, its culture, its excellence in the field of art .

The Festa della Maremma brings another wide range of events, such as exhibitions by local artists, guided visits to museums, plays, folk dances, theme rides, from Semproniano Manciano to vie cave of Sovana, the discovery of the villages a land of the most fascinating and really amazing with great potential.
An event, a thousand events:

May 17,18,19 historic center of Groosseto
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