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Tornano, the most beautiful keep in Chianti

The Castle of Buy Valium Tornano rises on a hill in the heart of Siena Chianti.
This castle has one of the most beautiful and special keeps of all those of the many medieval castles in the area.

Already in the early eleventh century, Tornano was a curtis and its name often appears as the place where many agreements were signed in the papers preserved in the nearby Abbey of Coltibuono.

The castle was owned by the Sienese nobleman Guarnellotto dei Mezzolombardi, from whom it was taken in 1167 by the Emperor Frederick I when he rebelled against his authority, and was given to Ranieri de’Firidolfi Ricasoli.

This was only on paper, however, as Guarnellotto, supported by Siena, continued to maintain control of Tornano and the nearby castle of Campi, both sites of his daring enterprises.

Only when the castle came under the influence of Florence, after the arbitration of Poggibonsi, was it finally taken from Guarnellotto, but Siena did not give up Tornano so easily as, thanks to its position – on a hill controlled by the River Massellone – it was an important pawn in the Chianti chessboard.

In 1229, after a long siege, the Sienese army took the castle, but just six years later they lost control of it for ever.

In 1400, Tornano was considerably fortified by the Ricasoli and during the Aragon invasions it managed to withstand the enemy troops. The same thing didn’t happen in 1530 when it was taken by the imperial troops.

Today, much of the walls and many of the other buildings have disappeared, but the beautiful trapezium-shaped stone keep still dominates the hill of Tornano.
The whole complex was recently restored and now is a first class farm holiday centre.

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