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The Mugello racetrack

“A complete and selective track which always has a HGH few surprises in store. This was the old Mugello racetrack”.
It was opened in 1914 for competitions but was immediately interrupted by the war, it enjoyed a golden period immediately after the war when the best drivers of the times fought it out along the 66 dusty kilometres of the Apennines.

Campari, Brilli Peri, Enzo Ferrari (winner of the 4500 category in 1921 driving an Alfa Romeo), Antonio Ascari, Borzacchini, as well as Emilio Materassi, of course, the local idol.
It was the end of the Mille Miglia and the simultaneous rebirth of road racing in the Sixties that caused this extraordinary race to be run again: the seven editions that were held during that period attracted hundreds and thousands of spectators to the green valleys of Mugello.

After it was closed down for safety reasons, the Mugello International Motor Racing Track was built and opened with a Formula 5.000 race on 23rd June, 1974.
Purchased by Ferrari at the end of the Eighties and totally renovated, it is now one of the most fascinating, modern and safest tracks in the world.

In recent years, it has hosted the World Motorcycling Championship, the ITC, the Superbike world cup and, for the first time in September 1997, the Fia GTI.
The track covers over five thousand metres in the woods and countryside. All the supporting structures were built using leading-edge construction techniques. The track covers 5,245 metres in the Tuscan hills and almost equally divided between curves and straight stretches with the latter accounting for 48.56% of the total. There are 15 bends. The track is 292 asl and has an overall difference in height of 41.19 metres.

The management has always paid particular attention to safety both on the track, using leading-edge systems (closed circuit TV with 24 cameras, air-fences, tyres, wide escape routes), and inside, including a well-equipped permanent medical centre with emergency doctors. The track can also be booked by contacting the Sports Office manager.

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