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Grosseto: the sea, nature and magic of the Maremma butteri

Thousands of kilometres if you look at a map, but only vigrx plus wiki a few metres if you visit the Maremma.

Tens of “butteri” still live in the province of Grosseto today, the cowboys who are famous as they were able to tame the cattle who lived freely in the countryside.

One famous legend tells how in 1890 Buffalo Bill found himself with his cowboys touring around Italy. Seeing him in a show, the Conte Caetani di Sermoneta had the idea of organising a competition between the American and Maremma cowboys in which the “butteri” had to tame Buffalo Bill’s horses and vice versa. Those who won would receive a prize of one thousand Lire, plus the proceeds. Given that the conditions of the competition were not considered, in the end there were no winners and Buffalo Bill ran off with all the money, also saying that he had been duped. Since that day, however, the Maremma “butteri” have been famous for being the best in taming wild horses.

The myth of the “butteri” has continued until now and many shows are organised during the summer in the Maremma to celebrate the ability of our own cowboys.

You can breathe in the tradition and magic of the “butteri” in Grosseto, the area’s city.

The city has developed over the centuries while always maintaining its link with nature. The municipal area of Grosseto is divided into four distinct protected areas: the Diaccia Botrona Nature Reserve (wetland of great natural heritage), the Maremma Nature Park (between the mouth of the Ombrone, the coastline and the Uccellina mountains), the Formiche di Grosseto the Tuscany Archipelago National Park in the Santuario dei Cetacei, a protected marine area on an international level that also includes the whole coastline of the municipality of Grosseto).

The sea is the second soul of this city. You can get to one of the largest and most welcome beaches in the whole of Tuscany in less than 10 minutes by car at Marina di Grosseto, which is also close to another symbolic area for Italian VIPs: Principina a Mare.

Sun, sea, nature, but Grosseto is also a city that should be visited. Its thousand streets were modelled by history and the centre is still enclosed within a “Mura” fortified city wall that isolates it almost completely from the rest of the city.

The heart of Grosseto is Piazza Dante, here the political and religious fates of the city have always interwoven. Its shape is somewhat unique, a great tapestry dominated by “Monumento a Canapone (page does not exist)”the Monument to Canapone, the Grand Duke Leopoldo II who worked hard towards the reclamation of the city and the Maremma.

And shopping? No problem. Grosseto has also got room for those for love to shop non stop. The best street for this purpose is located a short distance from the central square, Corso Carducci, and connects Piazza Dante to Porta Nuova. The street was originally along a section of the ancient road of the Via Aurelia that passed through the historical centre, the ideal place to start a walk in discovery of the old paths of the Maremma cowboys.

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