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(Italiano) Il Gruppo Storico Sbandieratori citt

” … but the main attraction of Casino En Ligne the event was not the martial exhibition of the warriors, but a crowd of young flag wavers who walked around the town all day, showing off their skills to the sound of the drums. There must have been a great many of them and they did not all wear the same uniform, perhaps they were divided by quarter or by county … “
(M. Bocci – Early fifteenth century fairs and illuminations in Volterra)

What better way than this old fifteenth century report is there of introducing the Group of Historical Flag Wavers and Crossbowmen of the City of Volterra.
The origins of the group, in fact, date back to a document proving the presence of a small group of flag wavers in Volterra as far back as 1406.

Established, or rather, re-established in 1978, since then it has been invited to perform countless times all over Italy and abroad, winning admiration for the elegance of its costumes and the skill of its Flag Wavers and Musicians.

In 1980, the Group of Historical Flag Wavers of the City of Volterra entered the Italian Federation of Flag Wavers. In 1981, it organised the first edition of Astiludio, a historical event dating back to 1406. It comprises an original choreographic competition between the flag wavers of Italian cities boasting the oldest flag waving traditions and is always repeated every year on the first Sunday of September in the suggestive setting of the palaces of Piazza dei Priori.

The Group has won many awards in the leading Italian and foreign competitions; it has won the title of Italian Champions in the Traditional Single and Musicians specialities many times.
In its exhibitions, the Group covers the whole classical field of traditional flag waving. The choreography and games are inspired by historical events in medieval and renaissance Volterra.

The group currently comprises about sixty people, including flag wavers, musicians, standard bearers and pages; the costumes date back to the late fourteenth century – the designs of which were copied from the Historical Archive of Volterra – and feature the colours of the old city quarters and the arms of the medieval Comune
The tourist season of Volterra will begin on 1st April, in Piazza dei Priori, with an unforgettable performance by the Group of Historical Flag Wavers of the City of Volterra.

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