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The Sanctuary of the Madonna di Pancole

A classic example of popular religious piety which was to lead to the construction of a Sanctuary dedicated to the Madonna stands only four kilometres Online Casino outside the mediaeval town of San Gimignano. This is the Church of Pancole, which was built in 1670 and was raised to a parish in 1788.
The church, with a fine portico, is built on a Latin cross design with a single aisle. The cupola, like the roof, is supported by pilasters with a cornice all around. A marble balustrade separates the nave from the presbytery, in the centre of which stands the main altar with the image of “The Virgin feeding her Son”, believed to be the work of Pier Francesco Fiorentino, placed above it; here it is in full view of the congregation which was originally responsible for removing it from one of the many tabernacles to be found along the country roads, where it had been abandoned and was smothered by tangling undergrowth (in fact the blackberry bushes and ivy that covered the painting are responsible for the scratch that can be seen right across the face of the Virgin).
The sanctuary was built in 1668 on the site where the sacred image originally stood and where a miracle occured to an extremely poor shepherdess, who had been dumb from birth; she regained her speech and was able to earn enough to keep herself and her family for ever afterwards. Several other miracles werte attributed to this Madonna, so that eventually the ecclesiastical authorities intervened, building and consacrating the temple.
The Feast of the Madonna is therefore held here every year on September 8th to celebrate this important religious event, with various religious ceremonies and a procession that starts out from the Collegiate of San Gimignano; in actual fact the feast turns into a huge country festival, with a large market and fireworks, which has been held since 1949, when the temple of Pancole, which was damaged during the Second World War, was restored and reopened to its large congregation for worship.

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