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Bagno a Ripoli: the Theatre of Antella presents the new season, that of the ten anniversary

With the new theater season 2012/2013 the Teatro Comunale in Antella (TCA) is 10 anniveersary. The nextseason, which goes from October until April 2013, is in fact the tenth opening in March 2003, and as always ensure quality programming, contemporary languages, together with the strong relationship between the public and territory.

The opening of the billboard was on October 6 and was assigned to Rezza and Mastrella with their amazing Pitecus.
Afterwards, October 26 the show for the 500th anniversary of the death of Amerigo Vespucci “L(h)anno detto di Amerigo” written by the brilliant playwright-journalist Alberto Severi and interpreted by the talented Amerigo Fontani. On October 27, a high demand for public returns for the second year in a row with Simon Garfunkel “Mio nonno è morto in guerra”, produced highly successful unveiled at TCA last season.

On November 10, will return to the extraordinary Mary Paiato with the best “Anna Cappelli” that so far has seen and heard, and will return February 6 also great actor Luigi Lo Cascio with an evening dedicated to Luigi Pirandello.
Also in February 16 will be the interpreter of his story “Here, here, here, deadly or public, the elixir of immortality” by Nane Goose (Einaudi), Giuliano Scabia, poet, novelist, playwright, atypical man of the theater.

Two new productions of archetype directed by Riccardo Massai: on 16 and 17 November, “Lì, ma dove, come” with the Ubu Prize 2001 Giovanni Crippa, 7-10 and March 14 to 17  “La bella e la bestia” with the irresistible pair Silvia Guidi and Carlo Monni.

On October 13, space to contemporary music with the convention of Fabrizio De Andrè, with the participation of Dori Ghezzi, followed by the Middle Ages concert Fabrizio De Andrè, played by musician Charles Pestelli.

Evenings dedicated to poetry: 24 November Tribute to Mario Luzi. exhibition of poems and paintings, February 2 Poems of Love and Death, interpreters intense Rosaria Lo Russo and eclectic pianist Leonardo Brizzi, March 2 Wislawa Szymborska, poems read by Richard Massai intervention of journalist Francesco Groggia that the poet gave the last interview.

Five appointments for children including: Carnival of the Animals, with violinist Andrea Tacchi, the Decameron for children on the occasion of the 700th anniversary of the birth of Boccaccio, the new production of Reserve Canines, residential project on the Brothers Grimm.

Make way for the young talent on 14 and 28 October Aperitifs Theatre in Green Archetype – The grass Valfredo: an unusual and overwhelming aperitif dedicated to performances of theater, dance, music and photography. The TCA is magnified by opening a new space: The Tent of the TCA, with the exhibition Stars: interpreters of the four evenings of 1, 8, 15 and 22 December will be some of the most interesting artists of the area: Silvia Guidi, Simone Rovida, Matteo Belli and Alexander Riccio.

Also this year confirmed the numerous events with free admission: October 7 Tca with archetype with Studio Theatre Scandicci and Krypton, the Theatre of Women Calenzano and the Theatre of the limonaia Sesto Fiorentino present for the Project Open Curtain Metropolis, the beautiful science fiction cult film by Fritz Lang in 1927 which is collected as a warning and a vision for the future of our town.

Four evenings dedicated to filmography Alessandro Benvenuti, conducted by Philippe Henry Chellini and Zoi: January 31, 7, 14 and 21 February.
Two year appointments will be dedicated to the National Festival of short films Screens irregular, one of the oldest in Italy, March 23 regular appointment at the TCA.

On January 26, the Association of Franco Francescantonio present the website dedicated to the fine artist disappeared. Close the season April 20th the festival with free admission for the 10 years of the Theatre Antella: on stage many artists of the Tuscan including Maria Cassi, Gianluigi Tosto, Riccardo Ventrella, Marco Zannoni and many others.
Info: Municipal Theatre of Antella, via Montisoni, 10, Florence, Tuscany (Florence) tel. and fax 055/621894, – ​​

Information also: Call Center Line City, tel. 055,055, from Monday to Saturday, at 8-20.

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