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Island of Elba: Napoleon returns to the island after 200 years Tuscan

by redaction – It was May 4 , 1814 , when the Emperor landed on the island for his forced stay that turned to Elba in ten months to remember. Many events in this 2014 for the Bicentennial , one more reason to get to know this gorgeous Tuscan island .

Two hundred years later, to remember those ten months of the emperor on the island of Elba in all municipalities , between 2014 and 2015 , will be a series of cultural events , shows, pageants , concerts , conferences, exhibitions, film and theme paths environmental and sports .
The Bicentennial Napoleonic represents an extraordinary opportunity to discover the third largest Italian island and its unspoiled natural beauty , not only marine to rediscover stories, places , traditions and curiosity with the ability to do so even through all connected to customize the various initiatives .

The official celebrations have been anticipated on April 11 in Portoferraio from a conference organized by the Centre for Studies in collaboration with the Napoleon Lions Club Isola d’Elba , dedicated to the Treaty of Fontainebleau ( document which establishes the first real defeat of Napoleon but you assign the sovereignty of the island, transforming it into a principality ) which was followed by a play at the theater of the Villa Mills .
On May 4, there was the re-enactment of the landing of Napoleon at Portoferraio at 16.00.
The Emperor landed on the island , in Portoferraio , May 4, 1814 , although he reached the coast the previous day. There were a number of preparations to welcome him properly.
One of the most interesting aspects is that , even before setting foot on land , Napoleon had to prepare a flag, the current flag of Elba , that the day of his landing was placed on the Forte Stella .
The flag was made ​​with a white and a red band with oblique represented above three golden bees flying upwards.

But the figure of Napoleon , whose consequences on the European scene have gone well beyond the political – military , was such as to leave important signs in legislation, organization and even the island of Elba Portoferraio , because the emperor was busy roads, mines , agriculture, a city that was to acquire the functions and symbols of the bourgeois revolution of the late eighteenth century , the theater, hospital and more.
The bicentennial celebrations also take care of this, but do not forget that even the emperor , a demonstration of its capabilities, has been and still is an interesting theme for the drama and cinematography.

The Napoleonic year is full of dancing, markets , shows, sailing events , concerts , film screenings, fireworks in Portoferraio for the birthday of August 15, preceded by the giving away of PortoAzzurro antenna 14 , the re-enactment of the meeting with Maria Waleska Our Lady of Mount Marciana , and so on up to 26 February 2015, when the Emperor set sail for S.Juan to go meet his final fate of exile in the space of overwhelming triumph to Paris and a radical defeat at Waterloo.

But that is another story for the island of Elba. An island that remains bound to the Emperor because after 200 years , the Emperor continues to be an opportunity for growth and innovation from Portoferraio to the mines of Rio and Capolivieri , and then again to the granite of Tabernacles.

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