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Lucca: weekend with Verdemura 2013

by redaction – From April 5 can clonidine pills and ativan injection and labetalol injection given to 7 Lucca back to being one of the capitals of Italian gardening thanks to Verdemura, 2013: exhibition market of plants and outdoor living, organized by the city of Lucca and the Opera of the Walls of Lucca.

Verdemura opens the long season of major exhibitions of Italian gardening: Lucca celebrates the spring so inviting everyone to visit one of the greenest and most beautiful in Tuscany, the park of the Walls, a unique place of its kind in the world.

The park of the Walls of Lucca with its 96 hectares of greenery, fully pedestrian street, is a unique reality in the panorama of European public green.
A park unitary ring-shaped, with a tree-lined promenade of over four kilometers, fully lined with trees that surrounds the old town with its embrace.

Verdemura develops unique and charming atmosphere of the bastion of San Martino, the curtain of the nearby Porta Santa Maria, in the gunner on the ramparts overlooking and will feature about 150 exhibitors nurseries and horticultural species of plants, shrubs, bulbs, tools and furnishings for the garden and the orchard.
A space aricolato and rich in views of the city and the surrounding landscape. Ranunculus, camellias, bougainvillea, will be featured exhibitions and conferences and events will complete the cultural offer of the event.

Opening to the public: from 10.30 to 12.30

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