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Lunigiana in Zeri in untouched nature

by redaction – Lunigiana: E ‘became my “buen ritirol” secret. When I want is levitra better than virga to find the true meaning of my nature is inevitable rise in this corner … corner of Tuscany that has very little of Tuscany.

A love my born spontaneously as a result of curiosity to discover, on the map of the region, a municipality that is not a country but a group of countries lipuzziani scattered among three valleys almost wild. A common alphabetically and not only … is the last of Tuscany. A place that Tuscany considered little and it feels a bit ‘Ligurian and a little’ Emilia.

We are in the far Lunigiana, at the crossroads of the border with Liguria and Emilia Romagna, in the heart of the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines.

Here are the valleys of Zeri including the valleys of Adelano of Gordana and Rossano. Immense woods of chestnut, beech and oak trees, alternating with extensive permanent grassland and undergrowth full of mushrooms in the appropriate season. A corner of paradise from the absolute point of view of nature, untouched due to its age-old isolation and distance from everything.

We are in an area rich in springs, rivers, streams played beautifully with nature creating an uncontaminated by man. To find (almost devoid of signs) the cave of Colombara “hidden” in the valley of Rossano, the most distant and inaccessible valleys, where among gigantic stones and logs carried by the fury of the water, a waterfall imperious form a beautiful natural pool where in summer you can also swim unless it is intimidated by the Apennine climate of a wood where the sun filters soon.

Not least are the Straits of Giaredo, shortly after ascending to Pontremoli Walnut Zeri. A canyon carved by the river Gordana in the rock along a few hundred meters that has nothing to envy to the most famous and crowded Orrido di Botri in Lucca.

The close you can walk, walking in the water at times and depending on the season with the help of a boat for a few short stretches or swim a little. The Gordana as well as other streams in the area have crystal clear, but very cold, so if you want to venture to visit the close to keep in mind that, in the water we have to go for strength and that the conditions of soil and climate allow you to go the narrow only in summer.

Do not miss a visit to at least one of the many abandoned pastures. Ghost towns that bear witness to that place here in the summer when they moved the inhabitants of the valley to graze cattle; places incredible energy that unfold almost as mirages hidden in a forest where you get walking next to sheep grazing and horses brady. The Formentara, at an altitude of 1000 meters and situated on a detour road that leads to Passo del Rake is the most famous and most easily accessible of these places.

Thanks to ‘Cultural Association Valleys Zeri that organizes free trekking to explore this territory I met Oscar Bandini today a friend and not just my “guide” and luui you may also contact you. With its pleasant company I walked in the woods looking into the face of the Ligurian Sea on one side the other Emilian Apennines and the Apuan Alps on another corner.

Here you can live in the woods, hear the noise of waters, visit pastures, old mills, dryers, Roman bridges … all often in inaccessible places.

Zeros waiting silently those who can understand its beauty.


Cultural Association Valleys Zeri – www.vallidizeri, it zeros in untouched nature

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