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Utopia theatrical pleasurable returns

by Nadia Fondelli – With summer festival returns Tramadol the “Utopia of Bongusto” from Teatro Guascone that promises a full evenings with a dinner and theater. 45 theater dates scattered throughout Tuscany in twenty different municipalities in the provinces of Arezzo, Livorno, Florence, Pisa and Lucca.

Sixteenth year, or better sixteenth note of the raids of the first international experiment of life of pleasure as its artistic director Andrea Kammerle. For my part, I add only that it is one of the most interesting and original of the region, one of those can not miss to see good theater, enchanted places almost unknown, eat well and get to know the true spirit of Tuscany.

Ben forty dates scattered throughout Tuscany from June 27 until October in twenty municipalities in the provinces of Arezzo, Livorno, Florence, Pisa and Lucca. On the stage, twenty-nine different productions staged in thirty-eight spaces. All in close collaboration with the group of blood donors Avis Tuscany.

As always “Utopia del Buongusto” locates and offers audiences a variety of shows previously unpublished, supporting the birth of new scripts and dramaturgical research.
Among the guests are, Alessandro Benvenuti, Paolo Migone, Banda Osiris, Katia Beni, Anna Meacci, Marco Zannoni, Augusta Gori, Amerigo Fountana, Stefano Gragnani and many others.

“Utopia del Buongusto” (over 1000 nights in fifteen years – 100,000 viewers) is back. Despite the cuts and snips to the budgets we feel the same way and this year will be a theatrical journey – gastronomic barns, mills, patios and courtyards, always ready to seduce the audience with food a little ‘more good and shows a still bit ‘more beautiful.
A promise for those who now meets only the direct manifestation by Andrea Kaemmerle. The informal atmosphere and rascal in the early years there is always still the same desire to meet people, accompanied during the nights of summer and cultivate the seeds of humanity.

The review aims even as the largest regional network of open-air theater, rather than a rare event, a good habit plain and simple.

“They re-started for the 16th time to imbandire an amazing theatrical journey / gastronomic places of Tuscany’s beautiful and little known. Says artistic director Andrea Kammerle. As for the previous 1,000 evenings bring great theater in farmyards, courtyards and churchyards artists will be able to revive the atmosphere and charm, masters of magic and poetic worlds of witnesses at risk of extinction and loss, redeeming and enlightening guide for modern pilgrims.
To list here the terrible economic difficulties and the many “trifles” bureaucratic that every year you would try to drown night.

Now it is time to rejoice for a further 45 appointments in 4 months of Utopia in 5 provinces, you will appreciate the great talents from a few inches away and get lost among the many stories that will see the scene in the 20 municipalities that host and preserve the festival.
Old salts of the limelight and young marmots related to contemporary theater, experience and craft to make a counterpoint to hopes and ambitions.

Through a Babel of languages we find ourselves in the blink of an eye and in no time at all to the final party of October behind with 29 different productions staged in 38 spaces, beautiful and unparalleled, from the Castle of the Sonnino Rocca di Santa Maria a Monte , from the hills, mines and marshes, nineteenth-century theaters and streets from vintage postcards.

The hope for this year is to be more necessary than welcome, be still your dealers irony and calories at low cost and high astonishment. We hope you still numerous and accomplices of revolutions. Each evening will be a little comforted and soul journey and as always you can get under ‘only to suffer or enjoy, godicchiare is not serious. “

Instructions for a good use of Utopia:
The dinners start at 20.00; shows at 21.30. After each show will be offered to the public Vin Santo, almond tuscan typical biscuits and other sweets. We strongly recommend dinner reservations at least one day in advance by calling directly to the numbers of the organization. Dinner (optional) 20,00 – 12,00 Euro
Performance begins at 21.30 – Euro 8,00 – Excluding special events (+) Euro 10,00.

It’s can also booked for SMS indicating name, number of reservations, entertainment and event date. Important: This type of booking is valid only when confirmed by the organizers with sms will then be shown at the ticket office.
Info and reservations 3280625881 to 3203667354 –

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