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Maggerini and Maremma

Today like yesterday, especially in Maremma, during the night between 30th April and 1st May it is sonic pay day loans possible to listen to the ancient travelling song the origins of which take us to the old cult of the trees and rural rituals.
It is a propitiatory rite that over time has become an augural song for the arrival of spring, the blossoming of nature, hoping for fertility and a good harvest.

“May” is an uninterrupted tradition that has withstood the corrosion of modern civilisation.
It is easy to come across this colourful brigade of “maggerini” adorned with flowers and colours, travelling from farm to farm, leaving on the afternoon of 30th April and stopping on the afternoon of the 1st May after singing all night.

These teams of unusual night-time visitors comprise from 10 to 15 elements; they wear clothes and hats decorated with paper flowers and coloured ribbons.
The group is accompanied by an accordion and guitar. Apart from the voices in the choir, there are various characters in the group: the central figure of the “Poet” who composes the text and intones the “permission” before entering the farms and the “thank you” before leaving, always improvising verse in octuplets; the “Alberaio” who carries a flowering laurel branch, the symbol of festivals; the “Corbellaio” charged with collecting and keeping the offers that will then be consumed in a shared meal called the “Ribotta”.

The Braccagni Festival is an event of this type. Since 1991, teams of “maggerini” from all over Maremma meet up at the olive grove in Campo della Fiera, at the feet of Montepescali.
The many teams include the Etruscan Choir, Ponti di Badia, Ottava Zona, Ribolla, Maremma in music, Roccatederighi, Pettirossi di Roccastrada, Grilli, together with the two teams from Braccagni. But the spontaneous festival is also an opportunity to listen to interpreters of our popular culture, including extemporary poets and folk singers like the famous Riccardo Marasco.

The festival also includes a snack, areas for cultural activities and practical demonstrations of extinct craft activities. The event, attended bay many enthusiasts, is made possible thanks to the young people of the “Galli Silvestro” Popular Traditions Group and the patronage of the city and provincial council of Grosseto. It is now one of the most important folklore events in the whole of Tuscany.

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