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Christmas market in Tuscany

di redazione – Put together the charm of the Nordic Christmas markets and the charm of the Tuscan mountains aboard a historic train of ancient and legendary railroad and the recipe for a great December 8th is ready.

Initiative can easily discover in the cold winter before Christmas a corner of Tuscany made of mountains, but not limited to the ski slopes. Promoted by the Province of Pistoia, with the local authorities, economic groups and local associations here this magical journey aboard a historic train between markets, entertainment and culture by booking now.

Is Saturday, December 8 the right date for “Train of Markets” an unforgetable event.

A trip with almost no time on the railway Porrettana, on board the historic train ETR 200, with a stop at the stations of Piteccio, Chestnut, San Mommè and Pracchia, for a taste of Christmas dedicated to the mountains of Pistoia and its excellence.

Compared to the first edition last year, the initiative has been enhanced with a number of new starting right from the formula proposed by the traveler, with a shuttle train that will return more trips throughout the day, and a whole series of events and activities for adults and children, with the active involvement of the local Pro Loco, producers and the cultural world of the mountain.

Travelers can choose from the catalog and leisure activities-proposed timetable and freely structure their day to suit your taste and needs, organizing their time on their own.

The daily single ticket, valid for all races ETR 200, the value of € 5 and can be purchased at the After Work Railway of Pistoia, in Piazza Dante Alighieri (tel. 0573.22637).

All information about the program of the day, conventions and hours roundtrip shuttle train can be found at:

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