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Monteriggioni: go at the largest medieval festival in Tuscany

by Nadia Fondelli – Ib the last two weekends of July: the 18,19,20 and 25, 26, 27arrive “Monteriggioni di Torri si corona” in the castle of Monteriggioni.

A now-famous festival which is not only the party but that is also a little ‘festival, with fun woven into the research and the spectacle that becomes the culture.
There are many surprises in this new edition that is part of the celebrations for the 800th anniversary of the founding of the Castle of Monteriggioni, a magical place mentioned by Dante in the Divine Comedy, crossed by the Via Francigena and especially so from the iconographic point of view to become the scene of “Assassin’s Creed” video game universally known among the younger generation.
Among the changes, in addition to the new theme “Of Arms and the Loves,” is the artistic lead of the singer-songwriter, actor, director David Rion said that:
“Reiterating the idea of celebration with its traditional features, namely the stands with food, the exchange rate of the euro in” Big “Siena, the taste of conviviality, a visit to the Castle en plein air … The new side will stay in assisting these elements already established the first signs of a literature festival, craft, music and theater medieval. In particular, we will bring on stage a few texts and poems composed in the Middle Ages or that relate to this period. “
The first proposal will be “Erec and Enide”, a narrative poem written around 1190 by the French Chrétien de Troyes.
“It tells the difficult reconciliation between chivalry and conjugal love – explains the artistic director – Erec, accused of neglecting friends knights tournaments and raids once married with his beloved Enide, (today we would say that the armor had hung on a nail) will start to face together with her marvelous business.
Beautiful metaphor that comes to us from a distance of as a marriage of love to be shared adventure. I’ll be on the scene I read the poem accompanied by alto Stephen Albarello. “Rhythmic and insistent will be “The Flight of Aeneas’ reread the form of the Sicilian cunto-tells stories of a long and recognized tradition Vincenzo Pirrotta, that will captivate audiences with narrating the typical rhythm of cunto the stories of heroes.
“In the classical tradition – continues Rion – certainly was heavily influenced by the stories told-medieval and cunto, where text and interpretation come together musically, it’s probably the art form closest to the manner of the ancient storytellers.”
“I’d like – he concludes – Monteriggioni which began a quest to become in time the Great Castle, the place in which it plays a major European festival of everything that continues in the Middle Ages, in terms of art, to evoke.”

A novel aspect of this edition will be more attention towards the particular reconstructive used for pageants, signed by the scientific direction of Marco Valenti, a professor of medieval archeology and the Christian University of Siena.
The protagonist will be the living history, namely the attempt to live a certain historical period (in this case, of course, the Middle Ages) through philological attention to materials used, habits and mentality of the time. Outside and inside the walls will be rebuilt three bubbles of time (the early Middle Ages, the era and the era of municipal campaigns mercenary) where you can meet artisans at work but also knights, tanks and infantry engaged in jousts and tournaments. The peculiarity is that to bring them to life will not be actors, as is the case in most of the festivities, but archaeologists, scholars or otherwise big fans of the Middle Ages behind with hours and hours spent in the library to enter fully into the character’s mind to rebuild through historical research, iconographic and archaeological evidence.

Large and spectacular street performances that will be later in the evening will alternate in the central square of the castle, to the delight of young and old.
Happening “Simurgh” of the company Teatro dei Venti, “Sybil” and the Theatre of Ramiro “Incanto” of the Society of Fools: A series of dramatic actions with stilts, acrobatics, singing, dancing, games and bright all to see as well as by listen.

  Finally, many occasions dedicated to children who will have an area of ​​the feast of their own. There will be workshops in which children can create fun medieval objects and will alternate moments of the game, shows and entertainment with Carognino and the puppet theater Claudio Cinelli and the Company Madly.
In addition to the streets and squares performances fakirs, jugglers, musicians, performers, duels, dances and street artists, every time announced to the public by heralds located in various corners of the castle.
Info: admission tickets can be purchased at all the circuits Box Office (with added costs presale), points UniCoop Florence (for members only) or directly in Monteriggioni during the festival days, the ticket office outside the walls. The costs are: Wednesday full 8 € – reduced € 6, Saturday full € 12 – € 10 reduced, Sunday full 10 € – reduced € 8. The reduced ticket is addressed to residents in the municipality of Monteriggioni, boys 11-16 years old, military, over 65, disabled, organized groups of over 30 people. The reduced applies for groups of 31 people; to take advantage of the reduction is necessary to communicate the list of participants at the tourist office of Monteriggioni by the day previous to the entrance. Free entrance for children up to 10 years.
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