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Montevarchi: showcases a century of caricature and satire in Italian sculpture

by redaction – Over 170 works including pottery, bronze, plaster, and drawings that reveal for the first time in a century of caricature and satire in Italian sculpture.
“Sculptures from laughing! quuesto the rirolo of the exhibition, between the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, has a century of caricature and satire in Italian sculpture.

From 10 March to 19 May will be possible to visit the temporary exhibitions space “Ernesto Galeffi” in Via Burzagli n. 43, the Civic Museum “The mold for the Italian sculpture of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries” in Montevarchi.

The theme of the caricature has often been investigated mainly in painting and graphics, but the focus on this kind in the field of sculpture is always limited to the citation of the extraordinary and rare pottery produced in the second half of the nineteenth century by Adriano macchiaiolo Cecioni suggesting, in fact, the idea that the sculptors were not interested in that kind or production. Idea that it is absolutely not correspond to historical truth.

For about a year, “The mold for the Italian Sculpture nineteenth and twentieth centuries”, recognized by the Region of Tuscany as a museum of excellence, has launched an investigation of this kind Italian plastic art; research that sheds new light on a artistic genre so little known.
Have been identified, the work of fifteen artists for over 170 works. Some of these authors, the production “caricature” was totally ignored and were found large concentrations of people totally unknown.

Among the exhibits will be a dozen Macchiaioli, the aforementioned Adriano Cecioni and Angiolo Tricca between polychrome terracotta tables and caricatures.
Umberto Tirelli, cheese that has long lived in Bologna, the great designer of cartoons for the most important Italian magazines in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, will be present with over twenty caricatures painted terracotta, all absolutely unprecedented, between which those of Carducci, Guglielmo Marconi, Eleonora Duse, Emma Gramatica and Primo Carnera.
Then colored plates and a large painting depicting the novel “Coffee National Bologna”, populated caricature artists.

Cleto Tomba, Bologna, were selected thirty polychrome terracotta impressive, many unpublished, while the fifth will be exposed Ghermandi an important nucleus (about sixty pieces) of small polychrome terracotta satirical caricatures ever made before political entity, referred personalities of the First Republic.
This section will be reserved for an adult audience for the special treatment of politicians such as, among others, Nilde Jotti, Berlinguer, De Mita, Andreotti, Napolitano, Pertini, Craxi, Fanfani, Spadolini and Di Pietro.

Under Construction also includes works by Leonardo Bistolfi, Enrico Caruso, Ettore Ximenes, happy Tosalli, Giuseppe Renda, Timo Bortolotti, Rodolfo Castellana, Amilcare Guido and Renato Brozzi.

Mold for the sculpture – “Exhibition Space Ernesto Galeffi” Via Burzagli n. 43 – Montevarchi (Arezzo)
Open to the public from March 10 to May 19, 2013, Thursday and Friday: 10 -13, 15 -18, Saturday and Sunday: 10-13, 15-19, the first Thursday of the month 21:30 to 23:30.
Information: tel. 055.9108274, E-mail:

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