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Montevarchi: aluminum exhibitions

by redaction – Until 8 September, the mold for the HGH nineteenth and twentieth century Italian sculpture, museum, unique in Italy for that vocation is entirely devoted to sculpture, in Trieste 1 in Montevarchi, hosts the exhibition “Aluminium. Between Futurism and Modernity, a path in Italian sculpture on the edge of matter. ” Event part of the project “… At the same time the castle keep!

Suggestions, poetic language and insights on contemporary Italian sculpture “, produced by the City of Montevarchi, Department of Culture, edited by the scientific director of” The Keep “Alfonso Panzetta, funded with the Region of Tuscany in the context of” Toscanaincontemporanea 2012 “and supported CiAl – National Consortium for the Recovery and Recycling of Aluminium, official partner of the event.

This exhibition, which is the flagship event of the project is dedicated to deepening, cutting historical – thematically, using one of the materials (medium), contemporary sculpture such as aluminum.

More than 60 works on display from public collections, archives, and private foundations, by artists such as Thayaht and Ram, Queen and Renato Di Bosso, but also Bruno Munari and Valerian Trubbiani, Dadamaino and Gilberto Zorio, and many other sculptors who have used the ‘aluminum for their works.

A material that has appeared in the Italian sculpture from the middle of the second decade of the 900 artists providing new and unexpected expressive frontiers throughout the twentieth century, until the new generations of the XXI century.
An exhibition that is not meant to be exhaustive but to start, through a fair selection of works, a reflection on documenting the various techniques of application and the different communicative potential of this material.

This story starts from the second cross-Futurism of the twenties and thirties, where it is highlighted the different use of aluminum in relation to the plastic language chosen by the artists, the “synthetic plastic” to “aereosculture”, to the “spazialismi” preceding World War II (sculptors such as Mino Delle Site, Wladimiro Tulli, Sante Muniz), passing through the sculptors more related to the “Novecento” Italian (Lina Arpenani, Carlo Lorenzetti, Giangiacomo Barbieri).

Are then presented some examples of early research and informal post-war abstract (Alfio Castelli, Francesco Somaini, Ernesto Galeffi), then continue with the poetry of the “structures” of the surfaces and “optical” the sculptors active in the sixties (Alviani, Nane Zavagno, Diana Baylon, Bruno Munari) and with the use of aluminum by the artists of the “abstract representation” and ‘”arte povera” active between the seventies and nineties.

Finally, a selection of works, which date after 2000 (Rivalta, Grassino, Garbolino Rù, Borrelli, Loretti) concerns emerging authors who employ this metal in a more consistent and original.

The exhibition is staged in two locations: the temporary exhibitions space Ernesto Galeffi, via Burzagli 43, with regard to the historical section with the works of the twentieth century, and permanent theaters of “The formwork for the nineteenth and twentieth century Italian sculpture “, via Trieste 1, for that contemporary twenty-first century.

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