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Mugello: a great bikers race on the paths of Apennines

by Simone Focardi – There are those who love the wend cialis prescription walk perhaps in the company of his walking sticks, but the most energetic and adrenalitici love to travel along these paths that the partisans were already riding special bikes.

Are those “crazy people” that are often encountered in plots to bring down the vans flaming two wheels off the road and drive to … in muscle.
To borrow a term Yankees that they like, they are bikers, those who are not satisfied, however, asphalt, or at most of the dirt roads.
They are the ones who throw themselves at breakneck speed within the forest trails and are not afraid of anything: rain, frost wind, mud, overhanging branches, stones and unevenness.
Maybe for them, the brake caliper on the bike is an option, but admire them in their unconsciousness saucy, especially when competing is really exciting.

The opportunity to do so c ‘is the 1st of May in Marradi when, at 9:30 in the Viale della Republica shall be the start of the third round of the race course and in stages of Emilia-Romagna Cup competition ciclistic Italian federation.
An encroachment into the land of Tuscany, which will lead to the street in the town of Mugello around 300 bikers and all big names of the sport.

The course, highly suggestive, but technical and challenging for the athletes in the race will unfold all the trails around the country. A special day to see the work daredevil athletes … not to be missed.

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