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(Italiano) “Ona, Ona, Ona, ma che bella rificolona!”

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The feast of the rificolone is one of the four traditional old feasts of Florence that is celebrated on 7th September, the day before the religious feast of the Nativity of the Madonna; to reach Florence for the 8th, in fact, the farmers and mountain dwellers set out a few days before with torches and lanterns of all shapes and sizes, with which they lit the mountain and country roads at night, and when they got to Florence, also the dark streets of the city…there was no electricity at that time.

The arrival of these people was an unusual sight for Florence and was an occasion for merriment and scorn by the bourgeois (and haughty) Florentine citizens towards the country folk due to their awkward clothing.
And so, while the women from the Florentine countryside wandered around amazed at the sight of the Florentine marvels, the youths called them “ferucolone” or “fieruculone”, not so much because they had come to a “fierucuola” (a not excessively important fair), but rather for their large and prosperous bottoms.

Especially in the Fifties, the feast had nothing to envy the various “historical football” games or the feast of S. Giovanni. Picturesque boats fitted out by master Florentine craftsmen sailed along the Arno: hundreds of small papier-mâché lamps were accompanied by orchestras playing romantic ballads.
According to other historians, the feast was established to commemorate the conquest of Siena on the night of the 2nd August, 1554. This year the appointment is the night in Piazza Santissima Annunziata.


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