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Around Easter…

by redaction – The Good Friday re-enactment in Grassina (south of Florence) is an event where the spectacular is combined with mysticism. Roman centurions, the lower classes and thieves accompany Christ, who suffers during the two hours of the Way of the Cross.
On Calvary a representation takes place that has also involved some of the greatest names in the world of show business over the years.

On Easter morning, the focus moves to Piazza del Duomo, where a ceremony is celebrated that dates back to the first crusade when the Florentine Pazzino de’Pazzi, being the first to climb onto the walls of Jerusalem, warranted the “blessed fire”. As a symbol of purification it now sets the great cart alight with explosions, sparks and light in front of the cathedral.
Then during the singing of Gloria in Excelsis Deo, the fuse is lit in the church, which the “dove” takes to the cart. A firework display then begins, which symbolically distributes the blessed fire to the whole of the city.

Good Friday re-enactment in Grassina hours 21,15 on 29 march
Scoppio del Carro, Firenze ore 12,00 on 31 march Piazza del Duomo Firenze

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