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(Italiano) Pistoia: chi non ama e non salva gli animali non pu

by redaction – We are convinced animalist does levitra make it bigger and usually do not do this kind of appeals from a journal of culture and tourism , but we decided to break this wall in the certainty that the conservation of nature and therefore of the animals is a primary form of culture to every people.

Avoid stray dogs is not just about ( and sorry the only one! ) Save a whole litters unfortunate fate to which they condemned civilized men , but it means protecting a fundamental right: the right to live and to keep balance in nature.

Many associations , all volunteers, who deserve our thinking, but we decided to answer and give voice to the call that has turned Oipa section of Pistoia in which we are bound by a love because the loving puppy cat that divides the apartment with me owes his life to them.

The appeal will launch it now . Before and during the holiday season maybe too many you have launched appeals against abandonment and you were deaf. Now I hope your ears are more inclined to listen.

The section Oipa of Pistoia is collapsing . Continue are requests for help from those who find abandoned puppies and kittens in need of care , often expensive and looking for a safe place .
The section Oipa of Pistoia is weary and tired , have no longer a “stalemate ” free , have no more baby food, do not have more money to support the care of these angels . Indeed, several have accumulated large debts and veterinarians of confidence that fortunately have a big heart and lots of patience .

The result is that they are no longer in a position to save even one and this means that they will grow stray puppies , puppies that may not come until next month because maybe in the street … because you can not cure them.

The work of the section Oipa of Pistoia is constant throughout the year even if they are only a dozen or so volunteers in everything and always have been able to cope with everything, but now without the help of people who care about our own cause can no longer continue .
It takes baby food, drugs serve , serve donation.
Will give you a hand?

Information – – 339 814 1431

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