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(Italiano) Prato: Raffaele Paganini

by viagra pharmacy redaction  – On 23 and 24 February at the Teatro Politeama Pratese the appointment is with Raffaele Paganini who will play The true story of Zorba the greek. The mature artistic experience of the great étoile merges with the figure of a legendary hero, to pour out on stage the depth of this meeting.

Zorba is a man who, on the threshold of marriage, he was assailed by doubts and fears, and unexpectedly turns away from his beloved and from his country, Greece, is to begin a journey through the world and through himself. The show is so the story of wandering, of distant lands, of varied atmospheres … checondurranno the protagonist to live unknown life experiences of dreams, hopes, disappointments, pain, and strong feelings of love and friendship.

The choreographer Louis Martelletta shines the spotlight intimate essence of the hero and the artistic maturity of Paganini, matching perfectly the experience of the dancer with those of his character.
The setting and icostumi do enjoy the colors and cultures of the peoples who gradually follow in the various paintings, and original music by Marco Schiavoni, together with those of traditional Greek culture, enhance its appearance, legendary and epic story that brings with itself.
The conclusion of the ballet culminates with the legendary Sirtaki in fact, that the Greeks believe should be danced barefoot on the deserted beach, to feel the pulse of the earth to heal heaven and earth through the body, through dance.

Ticket Prices
The Armchair ° Sector € 22.00 + € 2.00 Dir Prev * Reduced € 20.00 + € 2.00 Dir Prev
Armchair II Sector € 20.00 + € 2.00 Dir Prev * Reduced € 18.00 + € 2.00 Dir Prev
Gallery € 18.00 + € 2.00 Dir Prev * Reduced € 16.00 + € 2.00 Dir Prev

Ticket Time:
Tuesday to Saturday: from 10.30 to 12.30 and from 17.00 to 19.30 ½ hour primadell’orario start of the shows (see program). Closed on Mondays (except where that will be communicated)

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