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Florence: “The original in art”, an international simposium

di Nicoletta Curradi – It ‘s long been considered a copy, can now be said to be in all payday loans for bad credit respects an original. Mina Gregori, Professor Emeritus of Modern History at the University of Florence, Caravaggio world famous, has recognized the hand of Johan Zoffany, German artist of the eighteenth century, in a self-portrait of 1777: a composition close cut on artist who perfectly captures his enigmatic personality irreverent humorist and keen observer that challenge hierarchies, national boundaries and social implications.
Zoffany is the author of the Tribuna of the Uffizi, canvas depicting the hall of Buontalenti recently reopened to the public after months of restoration. His best portraits are all in Italy, the Uffizi Gallery, the Museum of the Etruscan Academy of Cortona and the National Gallery of Parma.

“This is the same conception of the portrait preserved in Cortona – Gregori writes in his attribution – Here the representation is more concentrated in the chest, as confirmed by the smaller sizes of the specimen Cortona (cm. 72.5 x 58). Since this is dated 1777, one might think that our ‘Self’ has been executed at about that date. The invoice free shots with almost spot, not only in the fur, but also in flesh tones, strengthens the hypothesis of its authenticity. The characters are brilliant execution the qualities that make the work meaningful and reflect the spirit of the character. “

The small canvas (cm. 55 x 40.5) has been restored to its original state, using the latest scientific methods, the Florentine restorer Roberta Lapucci. The campaign of diagnostic tests carried out under the supervision of Anna Pelagotti Art-Test laboratories in Florence, excellence in scientific investigation applied to cultural heritage (chemical analysis of pigments, X-ray photography multilayer), confirms the originality of the painting. Moreover, the analysis of historical and artistic clothes, led by Cristina Giorgetti (Academy of Fine Arts, Florence), strengthens the argument that this is an earlier version of the canvas of Cortona.
A fascinating discovery presented in the International Symposium “Recognizing the original art”, hosted by the prestigious American university SACI Studio Art Centers International – Palace of Billboards – Florence, on October 12 last year.

The Zoffany Portrait of a member of Mnajdra Ltd, Discerning Fine Arts, a young Spanish company that manages a collection of ancient works of art of great quality and technical merit and promoted the Symposium today. The selection of works is due to Susan Grundy, English art historian, founder and director of Mnajdra. His insight, expertise of art history, and his courage in investigating the sources, combined with the use of technology to cutting-edge research, have in fact brought to light great works of art: the Zoffany, but also the Portrait of a Philosopher (XVII century) by an anonymous Caravaggio and the Portrait of Lady Diana Cecil, Countess of Oxford (XVII century), regarded as an authentic way of A. Van Dyck. All three paintings are on display for the whole day of the Symposium.
“We acquire works of art neglected – Grundy said – and, then, respecting the time and the originality of the design, we strive to restore them and rivalutarle. In the future, we would like to work on paintings by women artists in abandoned warehouses, particularly in Florence. Using intuition, historical knowledge, and independent diagnostic campaigns careful restoration, we have already recovered a masterpiece. “Today Zoffany has more than a work: the extraordinary portrait of the collection Mnajdra.

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