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San Godenzo: with Dante in the Middle Ages

by Simone Focardi – The Florentine July of the mountain vigrx plus is in pharmacys opens with the spectacular event “Dante Ghibellino.” Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 July, in fact evoke the passage of the “Great Poet” from San Godenzo.

A weekend during which the village of the Valdisieve goes back 800 years, to the Middle Ages, more precisely to 1302 when, in San Godenzo, inside the Abbey “met at the White Guelphs conference kicked out of Florence meditated revenge and wanted to go back to town. Among them also Dante Alighieri, who lived in exile in Casentino.Il poet then in some of his works will speak just of the San Godenzo: from Niagara Acqua Cheta the “Gorga black”, where it would have inspired the ‘”Hell”.

Opening event Saturday, July 6 at 18:15 inside the Benedictine Abbey at 18.30 start the Lectura Dantis. Soon after, starting at 19.30 in Piazza Don Bosco there will be the traditional Medieval Dinner (reservations appreciated at 055.8373826) with the same dishes that were consumed in the Middle Ages. The dinner will also be entertained by readings from the Divine Comedy and entertainment, of course, with costumed actors.

In the evening, from 21.30 kick off the historical parade which will be attended in addition to the Historical Group of the house, “Dante Ghibellino” the groups “Onofrio” of Dicomano, “Bandierai and Musici di Castel San Barnaba “of Scarborough,” Margliana “of Pistoia and” Jesters of the cheerful “and the Historical Parades” Castel Sant’Angelo “of Pontefract and” Del wine and County of Rufina. “
The second and last day of the event will start at 8.45 in the morning with a hike to the waterfall dell’Acquacheta, so beloved by Dante. In the afternoon, then, in Piazza Vittorio Veneto starting from 15,30 medieval entertainment and games for children in care Mediot and a display of birds of prey. At 18 resume Lectura Dantis and you can attend the performance of the group of drummers from San Godenzo. At 19, who wants to, can dine at Osteria Burnt, after which there will be a series of shows, including, we note that of the “Uffizi Bandierai of the Historic Procession of the Florentine Republic” and “Falconry Sovereign” with the falconer Andrea Frizzi.

“Despite the myriad problems in raising funds – says Mayor Alessandro Manni – this year we were able to achieve this important event together with proloco. Thanks to the commitment of all we can to revive the tourists the medieval atmosphere, enlivened by musicians, jugglers, readings from Dante and good food. I hope that many take the opportunity to take a dip into history and visit our beautiful area. “

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