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San Vincenzo: tasting Palamita

by Nadia Fondelli – The annual anthem to oily fish is back again, as is the tradition in San Vincenzo, in the heart of the Livorno coastline. The lesser celebrated fish from our sea, but undoubtedly much more beneficial in terms of health than the many other fish lauded by the hip chefs of the day.

”La Palamita” awaits us all on 4 and 5 May for its seventh year. This extraordinary seaside food and wine event lets us discover all those oily fish with street food, tastings and lots of fun on the local produce market in Piazza Vittorio Veneto and the menus, happy hours and themed dinners offered by businesses in San Vincenzo.

The star of the show is obviously the fish which gives the event its name, that is the bonito, which you may never have heard of, but you should know that this is the little brother of the tuna and mackerel, lacking in bones and with a delicious flesh that is used in an infinite number of recipes in the kitchen.
The bonito is now an icon of all the so-called “poor fish”, as well as being the symbol of San Vincenzo itself. It is also safeguarded by the Slow Food movement, successfully making its debut at the Salone del Gusto di Torino, a real point of reference of the gastronomic sector.
In the festival everyone who arrives in San Vincenzo will be able to discover all the benefits of this extraordinary product of the Italian fish tradition and the centre of the economy in these areas.

You can try bonito patties, baked bonito with cherry tomatoes or bonito with fresh spring onions and beans to satisfy your appetite.
That’s not all. At this original seaside festival make sure you taste all the other morsels, sisters of the bonito which shares the title of oily fish, that us Mediterranean-style sardines, tuna cooked in alcohol, mackerel baked with mint, mackerel mousse, sardines in pesto, etc.
The choice is endless and your palate will love them!

Just a suggestion to add the charm of the Tyrrhenian brackish spring, take a sailing boat trip and listen to the myths that the local fishermen are already ready to tell you and the certainty that you encounter lots of illustrious names in the streets of San Vincenzo who understood the importance of eating this healthy food, a friend to your wallet and genuinely Italian!

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