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Siena: how to find its cake

by Stefania Pianigiani – Almonds, stories of almonds, bread, perfume, leavening.
See inflate the pan with the saints, put the honey in the dough, almonds, smell the scent of candied fruit, get lost in the magic of the Sienese sweets.

The whole history of these rituals was collected in a book, “The Sweet Road” by Nicholas Natili and Veronica Grandetti. For illustrations we thought Julia Baratella. It ‘also available in the English version edited by a dear friend, Annalisa Coppolaro Nowell.

A route that winds through the centuries in search of cultural roots that blend the modern with the old. Rediscovering traditions means to trace the path of all those men who created and transformed, being able to transmit and pass them on from generation to generation. It affects how to date in most of the tables of Siena, in the days of celebration, the traditional desserts are prepared locally, with the same care and passion as ever.

To tell the interweaving of history, memory, oral traditions and culinary is Catherine, a curious little girl things. Catherine loves to get his hands dirty, fantasize about stories even before school and on those of their grandparents, the father, the nanny.

Thanks to Catherine we can enjoy the simple pleasures and genuine that enchanted us yesterday and today, but that too often forget, getting lost in the tasks, the tasks and duties of daily life.

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