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Siena. Saint Lucia: Christmas of Siena

by Stefania Generic Levitra Pianigiani – For Siena December 13 is the “Fair of Saint Lucia.” A party that has its roots in 1852, where in the square in front of the church dedicated to the martyr patron of view, was organized the exhibition of ceramics, prepared by the furnaces in the area.

Over the years, this festival has become increasingly field in the heart of Siena, so that the stalls adjacent to the Church of the Carmine, have spread throughout the Pian dei Mantellini.
Fifty stalls selling traditional sweets such as crispy various brigidini, nougats, candy and the famous bells.

The bells are made in terracotta painted with the colors of the 17 districts of the city of Siena, and arise as a reminder of the miracle of St. Catherine, which he had all the bells Siena to awaken devotion to the “Holy” Sicilian.
The beauty of ceramics is that changes every year, and for collectors of “bells” large, medium and miniature is infinite joy. Saint Lucia is tied reeds in a religious ceremony very special: every year in the church dedicated to Santa, built in the Contrada of Snail, for the whole day, is celebrated the ritual of blessing the eyes, and the entrance to the church is custom distribution of blessed bread, behind donation.

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