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Siena: a italian painting masterpiece in the exceptionally exhibition

by Simone Focardi – Inaugurated last December, continues with success the exhibition of the “Madonna del Latte” painted by Ambrogio Lorenzetti in the crypt of the Cathedral.
The precious painting , from the Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art in Siena, is housed exceptionally and has already seen, in less than two months, the presence of about twenty thousand visitors.
It is a masterpiece of Italian and European painting of the fourteenth century , an outstanding example of motherhood for the surrender of the feelings and considered by some scholars “unique” in the fourteenth century for its ” sacredness humanized .”
To give the possibility to the international public to admire the precious tempera on panel, Sienese painting of the icon , the Opera Metro has decided to extend the exhibition until 31 October 2014.

Our Lady of Ambrogio Lorenzetti , symbol of the Church , nourished by divine Grace the faithful so that they can give birth to the divine Word in themselves and thus become ” other Christs .” Penetrating gaze of the Son seems almost an invitation to the viewer because as He draws the springs of salvation .
The iconography of the Madonna del Latte is developed from the thirteenth century , with extensive development in Tuscany , on the basis of new social and religious unrest spread in the community of the faithful that tend to establish a relationship of humanity with the figures of the Christian faith . But beyond the various specimens present in Siena and elsewhere , the Madonna del Latte di Ambrogio Lorenzetti can be considered the paradigm of this iconographic subject.

The exhibition has been realized in the spaces with the support of the above panels , video and touchscreen . On the occasion of the extension will also create a path within the Monumental Complex of the Duomo ( Cathedral Museum ) in order to illustrate the theme of the Madonna del Latte. During the exhibition period will also be guided tours along the route of Mary ( Our Lady of the milk of Paolo di Giovanni Fei and Gregorio di Cecco Altarpiece in the Museo dell’Opera , Piccolomini altar in the cathedral) . The exhibition also offers the possibility of extending the path Viae , dedicated to the Virgin Mary. The itinerary includes, in addition to the Cathedral, the Collegiate Church of Provenzano and the Basilica of Santa Maria dei Servi .
The Madonna del Latte di Ambrogio Lorenzetti
Siena, crypt under the cathedral
until October 31, 2014
hours : daily from 10.30 to 19.00
tickets : € 8.00 crypt under the cathedral free entry for children up to 11 years and residents born in Siena
€ 12.00 Opa You Pass all-inclusive ticket ( Madonna del Latte di Ambrogio Lorenzetti , crypt under the cathedral , Piccolomini Library , Cathedral, Baptistery and Museo dell’Opera Panorama from Facciatone)
tel: 0577 286300 – –

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