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The man who defies the blue

di Nadia Fondelli - Alessandro Bossini, the Giglio-born 30-year-old with eyes as blue as the waters of his island live sex video chat and curly-haired rebel, is truly an out-of-the-ordinary character when he tries to convince you that his are not extraordinary ventures, but almost normal little things as if he weren’t a many times triathlon champion and a man with extreme records! He just wanted to say, “di ...

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Underground Tuscany: a below-sea-level world lies waiting to be discovered

It remains largely unknown what Tuscany has hiding in its innermost depths. The cash payday loans immensely valuable underground heritage that this region contains is rarely spoken about: labyrinths of caves, Etruscan necropolises, mines, tunnels, passages and “buttini” carved into the tufa stone. This is a whole underground world that offers a new and wholly unusual glimpse of Tuscany to those who care to ...

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Massa Marittima: the Fortress of Maremma

Included among Italy’s art cities, Massa Marittima is rich in historical, environmental and architectural treasures that have been passed down from its thriving past. Nestled within the "Colline Metallifere" (the hilly area from which metals and minerals are produced) and 400 metres above sea level, the town is surrounded no fax no direct deposit payday loans by the famous Maremma countryside and unmistakab ...

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Maggerini and Maremma

Today like yesterday, especially in Maremma, during the night between 30th April and 1st May it is sonic pay day loans possible to listen to the ancient travelling song the origins of which take us to the old cult of the trees and rural rituals. It is a propitiatory rite that over time has become an augural song for the arrival of spring, the blossoming of nature, hoping for fertility and a good harvest. "M ...

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The Orbetello “Bottarga”

Orbetello is unique with its historic centre on the stripe of land that divides the lagoon from the sea. It’s a village of fishermen who are all members of the one and only cooperative responsible for the fishing activity in the 2500 hectare lagoon divided in half by the Leopoldina dam connecting Orbetello with the Monte Argentario. The people in Orbetello have been fishing in the lagoon since ancient times ...

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